Twitter wants to bring Spaces' live audio feature to Communities

Twitter wants to bring Spaces' live audio feature to Communities ...

Twitter has invested a lot in its Spaces live audio platform, which allows users to join audio chats with a handful of strangers. This time, the company is attempting to expand its experience by bringing the Spaces feature to Twitter Communities.

Community Spaces on Twitter

Twitter Communities are basically group where Twitter users may join forces to discuss a particular topic on an alternate timeline. There are administrators and moderators who can control who has access to the community or even delete tweets from other members.

Twitter wants to provide spaces within communities to help users in order to engage freely on a specific topic. We want to make a place where people may have even more focused, meaningful, and engaging conversations, according to the company.

Through engaging live audio conversations tailored to a Community and topic, Community administrators will be able to better lead their Communities, engage their members, and engage in excellent conversation with others who share same interests.

For users, the experience will be similar to completing a regular Space on Twitter. However, the live audio chat will be restricted to members of the Community. To make things even simpler, the Twitter app will show a live Space from a Community right on the main screen of the app.

According to Twitter, a limited number of users in the United States is now being allowed to use the new Spaces integration. The company does not specify when the feature will be expanded to other users.

Twitter wants to be a podcast app

Back in August, Twitter announced a new layout for its mobile app, Spaces, which now supports podcasts. Shows may be classified according to topics such as news, music, and sports. The social network suggests new audio content based on user interests, and you may provide feedback to improve these suggestions.

Twitter also provided exclusive Spaces for Super Follows creators, so they may begin a private audio chat with only paying followers.

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