Microsoft celebrates the 2022 Xbox Accessibility Showcase with new updates and gaming news

Microsoft celebrates the 2022 Xbox Accessibility Showcase with new updates and gaming news ...

In this article, we examine the following issues:

Xbox has made significant strides in recent years to improve gaming, including in the ability to play when they want, wherever they want, and with whom they want. Today, at the 2022 Xbox Accessibility Showcase, Xbox is recognizing the disability community as well as organizations and individuals who continue to de-escalate barriers to making gaming more accessible.

This year, Microsoft hosted the Xbox Accessibility Showcase on its Redmond, WA campus. This was done to encourage designers and developers to be all-inclusive with their products, as well as demonstrate the value of a wide range of accessibility options, including text, subtitles, and difficulties settings. Despite this, Microsoft is announcing several updates that encourage all gamers to create, play, and create through gaming.


Microsoft approved the Microsoft Gaming Accessibility Testing Services in 2021, bringing them to the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines with feedback from users who have disabilities. This month Xbox is developing a new app called MGATS - Players with Disabilities, which is not yet ready for Xbox Accessubilty Guideline testing. This month, the XAGs have been updated to provide improved guidance on touch-based gaming on mobile devices, as well as bigger targets and swipe sensitivity.


The Xbox Ambassador Accessibility Explorer Path, which is designed to educate Xbox Ambassadors about game accessibility features as well as developing program guidelines, is being added throughout the season. To allow Ambassadors to increase their knowledge, the Path will be extended to another four missions.

Xbox has revamped''s support room to help players understand the accessibility limitations on consoles and Windows devices. In October, players will be able to compare the features between Xbox and the console. New articles will include narration shortcuts using both the keyboard and controller.


Through play, we experience new realities and perspectives that may be otherwise unknown. Games must be accessible and easy to understand along with their accessibility features. A few titles that have recently, or will be launching soon, are,As Dusk Falls, Pentiment, Grounded, and many more. These titles have altered text, menu, and control functions to make them more accessible.

Working Together

We must all work together to make gaming more enjoyable, thanks to a collective effort from gamers, designers, developers, and publishers. This year, Xbox worked with gamerscon 2022 to ensure everyone had access to the event. Adaptive Controllers were also available at all stations for those who requested them.

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