The Microsoft Photos app now supports Apple's iCloud platform

The Microsoft Photos app now supports Apple's iCloud platform ...

Microsoft has announced intentions to include Apple iCloud in its Photos app.

Users of Apple''s famous photo cloud storage platform will soon be able to sync their media via the iCloud for Windows app. However, Windows Insider participants can start the day right away, with the new feature already available in the most recent Photos update.

The announcement came during the company''s October Surface event, which saw the introduction of a new laptop line-up, as well as the Canva-inspired graphic design tool Microsoft Designer.

Closer collaboration

The shocking move is the latest in a series of slow-paced steps both tech firms have taken over the past few years to improve collaboration. This includes a lightweight iCloud app for Windows 10, and the release of an Apple TV app for the newest Xbox consoles.

Microsoft also announced a mobile music app for Xbox users, which is now available for download, five years after Spotify was launched on the games system.

Users may expect further collaboration between the two companies in the future, with Microsoft already confirmed that both the Apple TV and Apple Music apps will be available on Windows devices sometime in 2023.

Microsoft claims that through a new integration with the iCloud and the Photos app in Windows 11, you will have access to all of your photos and videos from your iPhone right in the Photos app. It''s simple, just install the iCloud app from the Microsoft Store and choose to sync your photos from your iPhone.

Android users, who have long been able to access their messages, calls, contacts, and media on Windows PCs, will be surprised by the addition of iCloud to the latest Windows operating system.

Microsoft was not unveiled at the moment, claiming that for the past few years Windows customers who have Android phones have experienced that promise with integration. It appears the Redmond-based company is attempting to do the same for Apple users, claiming that we''re making it easier for users to access their iPhone photos and the entertainment they love from Apple on their Xbox and Windows devices."

The Windows 11 app, called Apple iCloud, is expected to be released this November.