Sony's new streaming camera makes me want to ditch my iPhone for recording videos

Sony's new streaming camera makes me want to ditch my iPhone for recording videos ...

While premium smartphones offer excellent recording tools, content creators might find that something like the Sony ZV-1F vlogging camera can help elevate their videos. I was surprised by how easy Sony''s new camera made filming high-quality content in the few days I spent testing it out.

I say high-quality as a relevant term. I know this vlogging camera can''t compete with the Sony A7C or Canon EOS R6, some of the best cameras there. In addition, it isn''t intended to be a replacement for other Sony ZV vlogging cameras, such as the Sony ZV-1 and Sony ZV-E10, but it is also intended to display video that''s significantly higher than your smartphone. In essence, the ZV-1F will be your first proper vlogging

Although I''m an expert in a variety of technology fields, cameras aren''t one of them. That said, I am the Sony ZV-1F''s target audience a Gen Z-er who has experience vlogging from a smartphone, but is keen to take my videos to the next level.

The Sony ZV-1F is your first proper vlogging camera.

While Sony''s legendary auto-focus improved the frame, the Face Priority and Eye auto-focus enabled me to get a sharp shot. For selfie videos, I don''t want to constantly focus on what I''m saying.

Being able to carry my luggage for a few days added little extra bulk to my bags. It even fit in my small side purse that I used in the evenings. I''ve been reluctant to upgrade to even the best cameras for vlogging, attempting to limit the amount of equipment I schlep around, but the Sony ZV-1F is quite compact.

Although it''s still an additional thing to carry, compared to my all-in-one iPhone. That''s why I can envision scenarios where I pick and choose what I want my recording device to be. If I want to go on a quick rant on TikTok, film some funny unfolding around my friends or capture spontaneous moments, my iPhone is unbeatable.

I''ve discovered that the Sony ZV-1F has a lot to share with my iPhone, so I''m able to share content through Wi-Fi and those clips easily. I consider this kind of connectivity a must for those who want a dedicated camera to complete their video on their smartphone.

We''d need to spend longer testing the Sony ZV-1F to see if it''s really a great addition to the ZV line up, which includes the Sony ZV-1 and Sony ZV-E10, in terms of performance. But from its first impressions, the ZV-1F appears to have exactly what eager content creators want at the right price.