Outlook will soon enable you to respond to company emails without requesting a reply

Outlook will soon enable you to respond to company emails without requesting a reply ...

Since some time now, the way people interact through emails has been a bit rigid, from how you send them out to the response you receive. Despite being clear and transparent, there are a few instances where the response may seem a bit redundant.

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, users may soon be able to respond to emails in Outlook with a single click rather than having to respond to them. However, the email must be sent from someone in the same location to make use of it.

If this is the case, the email must first be copied by someone else in the same tenant. Alternatively, you will then see six options through which you can respond to the message, including: Thumbs up, Heart, Celebrate, Laugh, Surprise, or Sad. What''s more, you may select from different thumbs up reactions and settle on the one that works. Outlook will remember your choice the next time you use the emoji.

Similar to the one used in Microsoft Teams when it comes to responding to chat or channels, though they have recently expanded and users can now use any one of the over 800 existing Teams emojis. Those reactions will also receive a digest mail.

Moreover, everyone in the email thread who received the email will be able to see the reaction given that they are using the same tenant. Also, the sender of the email will be able to easily see how people interacted with their message via emojis.

The feature is expected to go completely by late October to Outlook for iOS, Outlook forAndroid, Outlook on the web, Outlook for Mac, and new Outlook for Windows, while Classic Outlook for Windows users should be able to access it until the end of December.