What we know about Metas' next Oculus headset is Oculus Quest 3 preview

What we know about Metas' next Oculus headset is Oculus Quest 3 preview ...

The 2022 Metas Connect event has just concluded, with the launch of the shiny new Oculus Quest Pro. The new headset takes the VR focus away from gaming and places it on productivity with mixed reality tools for work. We''ve already learned more about the upcoming Oculus Quest 3 the follow-up to the current Quest 2.

Details are scarce, but more and more information is moving across from Metas virtual planes. So far, here is everything we know about the next-gen Oculus Quest.

Despite initially hoping for a deadline for Christmas stockings, CEO Mark Zuckerberg put the concept to bed. In an interview with Stratechery, Zuckerberg confirmed that the headset was on its way, but not this year. That''s still unspecific, as we''ren''t sure when to expect it.

The Quest 3 would be released in 2023, but were not entirely sure when. Meta usually hold its Connect events until the end of the year, so we might have to wait until then. If the headset is a more minor upgrade, the company might opt for a smaller event to showcase the new headset.

Weve got some details straight from Mr Meta. In the same interview, Zuckerberg said the price would be within the $300-$500 zone. That makes sense since the current Oculus Quest 2 starts as 399/$399. Having only mentioned the range, the price may decrease or slightly. Given recent tech prices, we wouldn''t be surprised if the Quest 3 starts at 449/$449.

The Oculus Quest 3 looks pretty good with its VR design, according to Brad Lynch. Despite the fact that both the strap and the main headset body look different in the previously leaked CAD designs, the headset''s main design is pretty similar to that of the Quest 2.

We know that with the new Quest Pro, Meta significantly improved the thickness of lenses, so youd like to think that this would go down to the lower tier headset. This would make a thinner and lighter headset, checking the box for improved comfort. Besides this, it''s unclear if there are any additional improvements on the technology inside. We might see some new sensors, but we must simply wait and see.

The leaked CAD files don''t show off the controllers, so we''ve not had much to go on here. The Quest Pro ditched the tracking rings for camera-based tracking, while the Quest 2 maintains the rather large circles. Meta might go either way here, keeping the lack of rings as a Pro feature, or permitting all headsets to benefit.

The Quest 3 is reportedly capable of RGB cameras, which would allow for a full-colour version of Passthrough, according to Lynch. In the CAD files, Lynch revealed that the technical capability for eye tracking was absent, so it appears the Quest 3 will not notice this feature again.

During the Meta Connect event, the company said it had partnered with Microsoft for additional features. Several of these were Office focused, but there is a new Xbox Game Pass for games. The feature is on its way to the Quest 2, thus people were pleased with the outcome. Meta might also launch some exclusive features for the new headset, so it is worthwhile to keep an eye on this partnership.

The Quest Pro comes with a Snapdragon 6th XR2 Plus chipset for headsets. This is because all of the power on the premium headset, so the Quest 3 will likely include the same replacement chip as the Quest 2, or a new XR3 chip Snapdragon. Wed expect similar storage and RAM options on the new headset.

With so much time left to be known about the next headset, it''s difficult to judge its worth. A thinner, lighter headset with full-colour Passthrough, a new chipset, and exclusive gaming features sounds like a good sell. However, the Quest 3 may also be a much smaller upgrade to the Quest 2, if the chipset does not change and the headset lacks the necessary lenses.

The Quest 3 will be a much more budget-friendly option for those looking to dip their hands into VR, especially next to the 1500 Quest Pro. However, it remains to be seen whether or not this is a worthwhile upgrade. Roll on 2023!

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