Season 1 of She-Hulk: Attorney on Law has come to an end, and the post-credits scene has been revealed

Season 1 of She-Hulk: Attorney on Law has come to an end, and the post-credits scene has been reveal ...

She-Hulk episode 9 will feature a slew of spoilers.

The last episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has splintered its way onto Disney Plus, and there''s a lot to get rid of from the 30-minute season finale.

The most recent MCU Disney Plus show seemed to follow the usual Marvel project pattern by ending things with an over-the-top CGI-laced battle. However, for a subversive, fourth wall breaking show like this, we should have predicted anything but. It''s also encouraging that She-Hulk episode 9 titled Whose Show is This? puts out a large part of the MCU rulebook in favor of one of the best MCU TV show endings in a long time.

Below, we''ll discuss She-Hulk''s most popular segment. That includes who she is, when we''ll see Jennifer Walters again, and the show''s first post-credits scene since episode 4.

What is Skaar, Hulk''s son, in the She-Hulk finale?

Episode 9 of She-Hulk is full of important, humorous talking points, but let''s get the most out of the way first. Who is Skaar, the alleged son of Hulk?

For that, we need to dig into Marvel comics. Skaar, who was born by Greg Pak and John Romita Jr, made his comic book debut in Planet Hulk #1 in December 2007. He''s relatively new to the Marvel universe when it comes to the comic giant''s vast array of superheroes and villains.

Skaar is the progeny of Hulk and an extraterrestrial is named Caiera the Oldstrong in the comics. During Hulk''s time on Sakaar, aka the planet we saw in Thor: Ragnarok, which just so happens to be Caiera''s home. That conception takes place during the Planet Hulk storyline, which lasted from 2006 through 2007.

Skaar begins aging rapidly after Hulk leaves Sakaar, but instead of emerging as a child, he is already a pre-teen. Skaar is forced to depart Sakaar, and goes to Earth, where he wants to track his father down and kill him for abandoning Skaar and his family.

Skaar has all of the capabilities you''d expect a Hulk to have. That includes the ability to transform into a human, superhuman force, endurance, durability, stamina, senses, and accelerated healing factor. He''s also a fantastic swordsman, abilities he developed while fending for himself against Sakaar''s deadly fauna.

Skaar''s tectonic energy powers are distinguished from other Hulks, though. Through an item known as the Old Stone, Skaar can manipulate lava and stone by drawing energy from Sakaar.

Skaar will be required to have all of these abilities in the MCU, but he''s only briefly introduced in She-Hulk''s last minutes, with Hulk smashing a Walters family barbeque, complete with an appearance from Matt Murdock to introduce Skaar to his extended family. It''ll be interesting to see if his abilities carry over from Marvel''s source material.

Skaar''s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe allows us to see a number of interesting Hulk-starring characters. Because yet, Marvel does not own the rights to Hulk those that belong to Universal, which means we may finally see another Hulk-centric Marvel movie in the near future.

What''s the most likely storyline for a new Hulk superhero film? World War Hulk would be the most obvious, but there''s always the possibility that Marvel could pick something more out there, such as Fall of the Hulks or Incredible Hulks.

Kevin Feige''s appearance has been revealed on the She-Hulk ending.

There had been speculation that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would make an unexpected comeo in the sequel to She-Hulk. It''s the nature of his brief appearance that makes for such a compelling and enjoyable viewing.

Jennifer Walters is wreaking havoc on how her final episode of her standalone TV show is going, and she literally breaks the fourth wall, leaving the Disney Plus homepage, and entering the real world.

After a couple of brief run-ins with She-Hulk''s writers'' room and security guards guarding Kevin Feige''s office, She-Hulk finally comes face to face with Marvel''s head honcho, except it''s not the Kevin Feige that we know.

The Matrix''s Architect, GLaDOS from the Portal videogame series, and the MCU''s version of Kevin Feige are all seen as a gifted robot who oversees every Marvel films and TV show. According to K.E.V.I.N Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus this advanced, algorithm-driven A.I. is said to come up with the storylines for every Marvel film and TV show.

The whole thing is very meta, but it''s also quite entertaining. K.E.V.I.N even comes equipped with a baseball cap-style visor over its three eyes, a funny nod to Feige''s desire to wear this type of hat wherever he goes.

"It''s funny," Jessica Gao, the head writer of after the post-season finale. I''ve seen a lot of online chatter about whether [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige will make a cameo. But I can''t imagine this being how they thought the cameo would happen!

"I think I probably wrote like, 20 versions of a finale that all over the place and I started feeling like, Well, this is a Marvel show, I better give them the classic Marvel ending." Big villain fight, big finale. But it never felt good because I was trying to place a square peg in a round hole.

"[Kevin] really opened my mind to the idea that it''s okay to not do that because I was trying to do what I thought was the Marvel expectation. He was like, why? No one is telling you to do that, you can do something completely different, we should be doing something completely different because this show is so different from anything that Marvel has done. It was getting permission from him that made me think, "It just changed everything."

Kevin Feige is the canon in the MCU, and it''s just not in the way we expected.

The post-credits scene for She-Hulk episode 9 has been explained.

This MCU Phase 4 project has left us with a fifth and final post-credits scene after weeks without one.

Emil Blonsky returns to prison after breaking his parole conviction and became Abomination. He only transformed into his Hulk-like alter-ago for seminars and public appearances to earn money. However, he has been sentenced to another ten years in prison.

Wong everyone''s favorite supporting character appears on a portal and removes Blonsky, claiming that the delay was due to Wong making yet another cameo in a different MCU project. It''s another excellent, self-aware reference among many others in this show.

Anyway, Blonsky enters his cell through the portal and joins Wong in Kamar-Taj, but not before he makes a call back to Doctor Strange by asking if there is internet access on campus. Oh, Blonsky, never change.

The finale of She-Hulk is explained: Will there be a season 2?

Jennifer Walters references a second season of her show as well as other potentially MCU projects, such as the long-run arrival of the X-Men.

Although Marvel hasn''t announced whether or not it will be developing She-Hulk season 2, some MCU insiders claim to have heard whispers that a second season might be greenlit. Likewise, director Kat Coiro told The Wrap (opens in new tab) that she''d "let Kevin Feige answer that" when asked if She-Hulk season 2 would be a thing.

If we get a second season, it will not arrive until Marvel Phase 6 yet, but there are seven Marvel Plus series to begin this year, so it''s unlikely that a second season of She-Hulk or Ms Marvel and Moon Knight, who might also earn second outings on Disney Plus, will debut on Disney''s streaming service before 2025.

When will Jennifer Walters be seen again in the She-Hulk finale?

Marvel keeps a tight lid on these things nowadays so, until it confirms where a character will appear next, we can''t say for sure. But that doesn''t hinder us from speculating on where She-Hulk might appear next. There are several Phase 5 and Phase 6 productions that appear more likely than others.

The First is Captain America: New World Order. Tim Blake Nelson''s The Leader, who was last seen in 2008''s The Incredible Hulk, is expected to be the main antagonist in Sam Wilson''s first MCU film as the new Cap. However, given The Leader''s obvious links to Hulk he''s a Hulk villain the comics, it''s not a stretch to suggest that Hulk, She-Hulk, and Skaar could all comeo in Captain America 4.

What about Matt Murdock of Charlie Cox''s TV series in 2024, with films set to begin in early 2023. With Murdock and Walters in She-Hulk''s TV series, we''d be amazed if she didn''t return the favor and comeo in Daredevil''s standalone show.

Like She-Hulk, The Merc with a Mouth has a passion for breaking the fourth wall, so it''s a pleasure to see the pair interact on the screen and with the audience in Deadpool''s third live-action film. It''s likely to include Hugh Jackman in the cast, though. There''s already too much to do in the film, however.

Lastly, we''d be extremely surprised if She-Hulk does not combine with Earth''s Mightiest Heroes and will feature prominently in Avengers 5 and 6. The multiverse will need all of the help it can get to defeat Kang the Conqueror, thus She-Hulk will be sure to part of the new Avengers line-up.

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