Review: The Mujjo leather iPhone 14 case is elegant in appearance and appearance, and it's available in black

Review: The Mujjo leather iPhone 14 case is elegant in appearance and appearance, and it's available ...

Apple''s first-party leather case case has always been popular, but I have found it during years of use, the clicky buttons feel nice and the subtle branding. However, when I upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro this year, I found myself somewhat alienated. It is not the only black color case option, but the Mujjo leather case comes in.

Mujjo combines flat leather iPhones with iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, both of which are similar to those with older iPhones. I prefer to have a simple flat back and simply use a separate wallet to keep all my cards and money.

I have actually tried Mujjo cases before, but am wary, but I never knew what to expect them to be superior to Apples cases before. The choice of color is really a deciding factor for me.

Both the Apple dark case colors are of Ink and Midnight, but they are not black. Mujjo is a true black color application. Its as black as my old Apple black leather case, and it matches perfectly with my Space Black iPhone 14 Pro. They also use Monaco Blue and Tan tones.

Many third-party iPhone cases have very offensive branding, with large logos on the back or maybe even imprinted on the side. The logo on the Mujjo case is quite subtle. It is probably less noticeable than the Apple logo on Apple''s leather cases. If you have the phone, your hand will cover the Mujjo logo completely. I am not sure if I could choose, but I am fine with it.

The best compliment I can offer the Mujjo leather case is that it is extremely close to the Apples official case''s high-quality design and finish. The leather finish is almost identical.

The case features machined metal buttons that precisely align with the phone''s buttons. This means that when you are changing volume or sleeping the phone, you are clicking an actual metal piece without pushing through dense leather, unlike some cheaper cases. This results in a great feeling button press.

It''s not all perfect, but Apples cases have a similar flaw, thus Apple''s older leather cases included an open bottom, which means that it did not have a lip over the screen''s bottom, giving users a freedom of movement, avoiding a case getting stuck.

Apple switched to a closed bottom whereas using the iPhone 14 in the case had the same all-surround design. After a few weeks of using the iPhone 14, you do get started with the gesture slightly higher from the phone''s bottom, to avoid the case''s lip, but it''s still a minor denial.

The open bottom makes it significantly easier to remove the case. You may just peel back from the bottom and the phone would appear. However, the Apple official case is quite annoying, although this means that it can be done in the glove compartment for sure. However, if you are constantly moving your phone through the camera module and slowly easing out the corners. This is unlikely to the case for you.

Another thing to keep an eye on is that the rear camera module is protected by a lip, again like the Apples case. As such, the top of the phone is lifted a bit and if you tap on it while it is sitting on a desk, it will rock back and forth. If you want a case to make your iPhone flaton a table, this is not it.

Finally, the Apples leather case is a bit overpriced at $59. Going the Mujjo route is unfortunately not significantly cheaper, although it was priced for $54. I can see why they discounted it so closely because it does really match Apple''s case in quality. Ive been using it full-time since I received my 14 Pro a month ago, and I am very satisfied. That''s the best recommendation I can give for the Mujjo Full Leather case for iPhone 14 Pro.