Designer, Microsoft's AI rival app, has been announced, but why?

Designer, Microsoft's AI rival app, has been announced, but why? ...

At its Surface event, Microsoft canceled the wraps off its image editing suite, called Designer. It''s mostly powered by DALL-E 2, an OpenAI technology that wants to attack Adobe and Canva, but Microsoft might be too late to the party with this.

In recent years, there has been an explosion in AI image generators, with Google''s text-to-art AI showing haunting images from a few phrases, but there hasn''t been a dedicated app that has taken advantage of this, which is where Microsoft Designer comes in.

You may currently join a waiting list (opens in a new tab) where you can quickly access a preview of the app, which will eventually be part of the Microsoft 365 suite of apps such as Office, and will also be available through Microsoft Edge and Bing.

Canva''s app (opens in a new tab) and Adobe are planning a complete upgrade to its own apps during MAX 2022 (opens in a new tab), but it might be best for Microsoft to release Designer as an open beta sooner rather than later.

An AI dilemma for Microsoft and its users

We''ve all been in a situation where we''ve been attempting to select the ideal image for our school or work projects that best add to the context of what we''re trying to convey. Occasionally, we''d either look at alternatives or try to create our own images.

OpenAI''s and Microsoft''s collaboration for Designer might be seen as a viable solution by some, but it''s temporary until you get the correct image.

We''re still at a stage in time with AI, but we''re not sure how best to shine the bear in terms of quality. Although it''s fun to see how a Pokemon AI generator can develop a Pokemon character (opens in a new tab), there''s also a chance that artificial intelligence intersects.

When it comes to walking the walk, Microsoft prefers to talk, but there are other obstacles and trips to look out for, such as the TPM fiasco when Windows 11 was launched, and Xbox One''s bizarre announcement in 2013 (opens in a new tab).

There''s always a possibility that the AI focus on Designer might be pulled back owing to feedback it may receive when it''s heavily tested, but from its initial release, the app is now up to date, and something that makes sense to be a part of the Microsoft 365 package.

Time will tell whether AI will be a trusted partner in Microsoft''s services, or a passing trend to the company where competitors will use it for better procedures and situations.