The Netflix truth crime spree is far from over, according to Dahmers' popular model

The Netflix truth crime spree is far from over, according to Dahmers' popular model ...

Jeffrey Dahmer has been spotted prominently on Netflix over the past few weeks. Thats because people believe they cant get enough of the serial killers story, and Dahmer has now placed an end to the Netflix top 10 ranking since the date it was released on September 21.

Dahmers'' popularity is reportedly so high, according to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in a new tab) it''s now the second highest-viewed English language Netflix show and fourth overall. This just goes to show how much people love true crime. Although not as much as they like Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season four has surpassed $701.37 million viewing hours in its first 28 days on Netflix. Despite the 1.1 billion load of Korean-language thriller Squid Game, Stranger Things is strewn between 1.65 billion hours and Spanish-language Money Heist, who has 792.23 million users.

The Netflix data we have has shown that the period between September 21 and October 9 is only covered. That means there is an extra 12 days before Dahmer meets the 28-day deadline, which is enough time to clock in a few more viewing hours. Especially considering the show is currently at the top of the Netflix charts.

Before Dahmer''s 28 days are up, Dahmer may take the number three spot. After all, it''s already managed to fly past Season 2, which totalled 656.26 million viewing hours.

Both shows, unless there is anything really spectacular on the way, are likely to dominate until the release of their next installment. Dahmers disturbing subject matter is an obvious turn off for some individuals, which restricts some of its potential scope. This is why it has been so successful in the first place.

Both programmes will not be released until sometime in 2024, but the release date for Money Heist: Berlin, a sequel to the original series, is quite unclear, but there is a good chance we will see it later on next year.

Dahmers'' success has had an impact elsewhere on Netflix. Conversations With A Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes has arrived last week, putting him below Dahmer in the top 10 list. Following its initial release in April, The John Wayne Gacy Tapes has also re-entered the top 10, according to THR.

It''s unlikely that Dahmer will begin a second season, because that would defeat the concept of being true crime. I wouldn''t be surprised if Netflix started investing in similar kinds of content. Unfortunately, there are a lot of heinous people in the world, and their stories are ripe for dramatization.