On its platform, the OpenSea NFT Marketplace gives back support for Avalanche NFTs

On its platform, the OpenSea NFT Marketplace gives back support for Avalanche NFTs ...

OpenSea, the world''s largest NFT marketplace, has provided native support for the Avalanche blockchain, according to the platform''s verified Twitter account. Starting on October 12, content creators on Avalanche may display, list, and trade their NFTs via OpenSea. The largest Avalanche-native NFT collections by trading volume on OpenSea include Smol Joes, Rich Peon Poor Peon, Chikn, Smol Turds, and Smol Cree

"Web3''s future is a multi-chain, and it''s always been our goal to provide the best selection and connect people with their projects and creators across the different channels they prefer," says OpenSea''s vice president.

GM! We''re thrilled to announce that @avalancheavax #Avalanche will be released on OpenSea!! pic.twitter.com/3nDP3zQGAx

The president of Ava Labs said that Avalanche''s creator and the NFT community wanted OpenSea to be one of the marketplaces for selling their NFTs. With Avalanche, openSea users can complete transactions in under one second at a fraction of the price.

"They want to know there is a chain that is robust because Web2 is so much bigger than Web3, and they want a chain that can handle enormous amounts of activity from its users," Wu said. "These companies are far more comfortable with working with OpenSea."

OpenSea has raised over $20 billion in trading volumes, with an estimated value of $13.3 billion in January, according to reports. NFT trading volume on OpenSea has decreased by 99 percent from its peak in May.

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Arbitrum was added to its list of supported blockchains by OpenSea, which includes Ethereum, Polygon, the zero-knowledge proof-based, the largest Layer-1 blockchain network for Solana, and Kakao''s blockchain platform Klaytn.