Medibank, a health insurer, has become the latest victim of a cyber attack

Medibank, a health insurer, has become the latest victim of a cyber attack ...

Medibank, Australia''s health organization, which provides private health insurance and health services to over 3.9 million people, has been struck by a cyberattack.

The incident came to light after the company claimed that it had detected some unusual activity on its network, although it claims that there has been no evidence of customer data access or data loss so far. Medibank has admitted that it is taking all necessary steps to safeguard the consequences that the incident may have resulted, and as a precautionary measure, the bank will remove access to certain customer-facing systems to minimize the possibility of system damage.

Medibank''s official Twitter page said: "It''s not that good," said the CEO of the Bank of England.

Yesterday, the Medibank Group discovered an unusual activity on its network.

Medibank took immediate measures to intervene in the event as a result of the incident, and engaged specialized cyber security companies.

There is no evidence that any sensitive data, including customer information, has been used at this stage.

Medibank will be removing access to certain customer-facing systems as part of our response to this incident, reducing the likelihood of system damage or data loss.

We are constantly working to understand the whole nature of the incident, as well as any additional impact this incident may have on our customers, our employees, and our global ecosystem.

Medibank has put up a data page on the Medibank website to provide the most current information about the incident, and assist numbers have been issued to provide the most recent information. Medibank and ahm (Australian Health Management) customers who want to get more information can contact me by phone (1300 573 942 for ahm customers, 13 23 31 for Medibank customers).