Three reasons to purchase Google Pixel Watch and three to avoid the show

Three reasons to purchase Google Pixel Watch and three to avoid the show ...

Now that the Google Pixel Watch is now available, you may wonder if you should buy one for yourself or if you should skip it.

There''s almost always room for improvement when it comes to the Pixel Watch, which has previously been quite popular. While Google has got quite a lot of revenue with its first smartwatch, there are also reasons you should sit tight and wait for a follow-up version (or get one of the other finest smartwatches on the market.)

Google Pixel Watch pairs Wear OS with Fitbits'' health platform, making for a well-connected smartwatch experience with thorough fitness tracking. But does it do enough to justify its $349 starting price? Here are three reasons to buy the Pixel Watch, and three reasons you shouldnt.

Youre a Pixel phone user

Unlike the Pixel Watch, those who have Pixel phones didn''t have a special or in-brand smartwatch to wear as an accessory. In contrast, Samsung phone users and iPhone users have had the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch, respectively, for several years. As such, the Pixel Watch is one of the best Android smartwatches if you have a Pixel phone.

The Pixel Watch was tested with the new Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. It felt like the Pixel Watchs Wear OS software is optimized to complement Android 13 on Pixel handsets. That said, the Pixel Watch works with any Android smartphone as long as it is running Android 8.0 or higher.

You rely on Google apps

The Pixel Watch comes equipped with several popular Google apps, including Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Pay, Google Home, YouTube Music, and Google Assistant.

The Pixel Watch will make a strong companion if you want to make turn-by-turn Google Maps to arrive at a destination, control your Philips Hue lights with Google Home, or do most of your music streaming with YouTube Music.

You want a full-featured Fitbit smartwatch

Even if the Google Pixel Watch isn''t technically branded as a Fitbit watch, it might not have as high health sensors as a fitbit Sense 2, but Google Pixel Watch fitness tracking is more holistic than anything Google Fit could have offered.

Fitbit excels in sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring during activities with the Pixel Watch. Additional features such as Active Zone Minutes and the Daily Readiness Score (with Fitbit Premium) increase the experience.

This year, Fitbit smartwatches have fewer smart features than previously. Neither the Sense 2 nor the Fitbit Versa 4 have support for third-party apps. With these two watches, you can only use Alexa as your voice assistant.

You care about battery life

The Google Pixel Watch promised 24 hours of battery life, but it only applies to you when you limit your GPS usage and activity tracking. Despite the fact that 24 hours feels inadequate in comparison to the battery life weve experienced this year. Apple and Samsung have introduced improvements to battery life and battery life management this year.

If you dont want to charge your smartwatch every day, the Pixel Watch is likely to ben''t a good smartwatch for you. And for battery life, here are a few suggestions for the best Garmin watches. Garmin devices have the best battery life.

You do rugged activities

The Google Pixel Watch will not be considered one of those watches because it isnt nearly as durable as the sapphire crystal display on gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra. In fact, The Verge disclosed that the display of their Pixel Watch review unit was unveiled during testing (opens in a new tab).

We were glad to hear that this was not our experience, but we have no intention of wearing the Pixel Watch for any type of outdoor activities, such as rugged terrain or manual labor. The device isn''t dust-resistant, either. If your day-to-day includes dirt, sand, or flour, you should certainly skip the Pixel Watch.

You prefer a large smartwatch

The Pixel Watch comes in a one size 41mm. We found the size quite comfortable for our own wrist, but the size is still quite small. Both the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 8 come in in two sizes, giving you more options as a consumer.

While the Pixel Watch provides customization in terms of colors and watch bands, the unique size might be a bargain-breaker. We''re guessing that the Pixel Watch will not be right for you. However, you may want to go to a Google Store or electronics store and try it on to be certain.