Twitter is likely to derail users' interactions with hashtags [U] as part of the game

Twitter is likely to derail users' interactions with hashtags [U] as part of the game ...

Hashtags are prevalent nowadays. When it comes to Twitter, they are an essential component of how the social network functions. However, Twitter is considering changing how users interact with hashtags, and that may stor them.

This could be the end of hashtags on Twitter

Twitter has begun an experiment in which hashtags are no longer clickable, according to engineer and app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Currently, users can quickly locate other tweets with the same hashtag.

There are several TV shows that encourage viewers to use the same hashtag on Twitter. Apple itself often uses the #AppleEvent to promote its special events. This way, you may also see the photos that others are sharing as #ShotOniPhone.

It would no longer be possible to click on a hashtag to identify other tweets using it. Wong has an idea of what drove Twitter to consider ending hashtags.

The engineer claims that trademarked Hashtags, which is designed to be with a custom icon (also known as hashflags), will remain available. These special hashtags are only offered to businesses that pay for them, similar to an ad. Twitter may have realized that keeping hashtags exclusive to paid content will result in more money for the platform.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not just a practical experiment, but that Twitter may never remove hashtags from its website.

Twitter is developing a new series of #hashtags that now contain no clickable links.

(Since the Tweet contains branded Hashtags such as #OneTeam and #Periscope that brands pay to add an icon next to hashtags for a while to promote stuff)

Not sure what is this for

Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) October 10, 2022

More about Twitter

While we cannot know what will happen with hashtags, Twitter has recently announced certain public new features, such as the possibility to combine GIFs, videos, and images in the same tweet. Moreover, Twitter Blue subscribers now have the option to edit tweets.

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