Windows 11 is still void for a whole load of PCs

Windows 11 is still void for a whole load of PCs ...

According to a new survey (opens in a new tab) written by Lansweeper, a significant percentage (43 percent) of enterprises are still unable to upgrade to Windows 11.

Lansweeper claims that the situation has improved since we reviewed its previous findings, with the percentage of devices clearing CPU and TPM requirements increasing by 12%. At this level of growth, all devices should be compatible with Windows 11 by 2026.

Windows 11 in the workplace

Although only 57% of the devices tested had CPUs that meet Microsoft''s requirements, more than a third (35%) of workstations tested were incompatible with TPM or had it disabled, while virtual machines were fare worse, with only 1% supporting or having TPM enabled.

The increase level of Windows-11 compatible devices that Lansweeper has seen still falls short of Windows 10''s end-of-life deadline: October 14, 2025. On this date, Windows 10 will cease receiving vital security and feature updates.

This is vital, as 84 percent of all Windows devices are still running Windows 10. A steady growth rate for compatible devices isnt guaranteed, and any devices still running the previous version of the operating system will become more vulnerable to malware and ransomware threats.

This is a large part of why a lot of cyberattacks target healthcare and educational institutions. Organizations neglect to update operating systems, usually to maintain a software or database solution that just works, and thus become easy targets for malicious threat actors.

Only 3% of Windows users currently use Windows 11; by comparison, 1% of users are still using the 21-year-old Windows XP, and therefore it''s fair to say that companies are still ignorant of why they should invest in new hardware.

Especially in a crisis, organizations are advised to improve the hardware that is leading their business for long-term security concerns, and to seek to save money in other areas, such as their software solutions.