Azure's Ignite 2022 update with new features and improvements

Azure's Ignite 2022 update with new features and improvements ...

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Microsoft announced a comprehensive list of new features and enhancements to a variety of Azure services at this year''s Ignite conference. As is to be anticipated, there is ongoing focus on Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. Below are some of the new features or improvements you can anticipate or are already in advance.

Responsible AI dashboard

Azure Machine Learning Responsible AI dashboard will be generally available soon, allowing customers to easily implement Responsible AI by debugging machine learning models and making informed data-driven decisions. The Responsible AI scorecard includes an on-demand UI for generating PDF scorecards, which allows no-code/low-code users to create reports for their models.

Cognitive Service for Speech

The Azure Cognitive Service for Speech offers new functions, including speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities. These services will alter the way businesses deliver media experiences, accessibility, and customer service as a result of these services.

Multi-function Neural Voice also includes Embedded Speech, which allows businesses to use Azure speech services on their devices, customization capabilities like lexicons to improve speech recognition accuracy, and improved audio processing of Azure pre-built voices.

Form Recognizer capabilities in preview

Azure Form Recognizer is now offering a pre-built AI model that automatically extracts key concepts to contracts, such as parties and payment terms, as well as enhanced language support to 275 languages globally.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is developing and is attempting to introduce image Analysis 4.0, a new methodology that will broaden client accessibility and digital asset management. By absorbing live streaming footage from cameras, developing insights and resulting events that other systems may exploit, Spatial Analysis on the Edge will increase security and safety.

Cosmos DB is assisting with the distribution of PostgreSQL.

With the addition of distributed PostgreSQL support, Azure Cosmos DB now offers open-source relational data with a quick, adaptable, and scalable service. The new Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, which is based on the Hyperscale (Citus), has everything developers love about PostgreSQL and the powerful Citus extension to Microsoft''s fast, effective database for building cloud-native applications. Now, developers may use the same widely-known database service to develop apps that

Azure Cosmos DB has improved the developer interface for open-source applications. Now that Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB supports documents up to 16 MB in length, MongoDB developers can store larger files. These modifications are largely accessible.

For more information on these and other news, check out the official Microsoft Ignite 2022 website.

What are your thoughts on these new features and improvements? How do they compare to Google or Amazon offerings? Do you think Microsoft is innovating fast enough to catch up and stave off the competition? Let us know in the comments below.