Users of AirPods Pro 2 are baffled by noise drifting and syncing issues

Users of AirPods Pro 2 are baffled by noise drifting and syncing issues ...

Some AirPods Pro 2 users are now sending messages to Reddit and other web sites to express the possibility of a hidden audio drifting problem, even if Apples security features like Spatial Audio and dynamic head tracking are disabled.

The audio will move back and forth between the two earbuds, but the audio won''t be included with the mouth of anyone who is in the video.

Users on AirPods Pro 2 say they are experiencing a mix of audio drifting and shifting as well as volume levels randomly increasing or decreasing. One user also notes on Reddit:

This is my second pair of AirPods Pro 2 and the audio still appears to shift/drift all over the place sometimes it can compress the volume of a song and instead randomly raise the volume. No, it''s not head tracking or spatial audio. I have switched them off.

In the YouTube app, another AirPods Pro 2 user expresses the problem most often:

I''ve encountered a similar issue with my APP2. Im using spatial audio and watching YouTube, and for almost videos, the AirPods go out of sync with each other, instead of being pointed at in the middle of my head. The only way I have ever dealt with this problem is to turn off and back on spatial audio which appears to re-sync up the airpods.

Other users were chastised in:

I have experienced this this recently as well. I kept thinking it had to do with how sometimes one of my pods keeps getting more loose than the other. Id constantly adjust it and this audio drifting would continue to happen. Im hoping this is a software issue.

I actually exchanged my AirPods Pro 2 to see if it was a hardware problem with the pair, but I get the same problem with the new pair.

Same here! I was mad. It drifts slowly to the left, then the left remains silent altogether. Occasionally stopping and restarting audio by squeezed the stem helps, though the two AirPods (Pro 2) are out of sync.

Another AirPods Pro 2 user suggests that noise cancellation or adaptive transparency may be problematic a lot, edging the possibility of a glitch in the thread.

Some frequencies are affected much more than others due to noise cancellation or [Adaptive Transparency]. Im attempting to map it out.

Apples Spatial Audio and dynamic head tracking are all disabled, putting the illusion that the music or video audio is always focused and coming from around you.

Apple has yet to recognize this audio driving issue affecting AirPods Pro 2 users, and its unclear whether or not it''s a software or hardware flaw. It doesn''t appear to be an extremely widespread issue, but it''s one that Apple may inadvertently fix with a firmware update.