Microsoft Viva will release updates and new features in Ignite 2022

Microsoft Viva will release updates and new features in Ignite 2022 ...

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Microsoft is improving its Office 365 for Business program for employee experience. Viva allows organization leaders to track employee productivity, but allows them to interact in a private setting to keep employee goals in line with employee goals and satisfaction. Microsoft is introducing several enhancements to Viva in order to strengthen collaboration inside organizations.

Viva Insights Updates

Employee feedback is a crucial component of a successful organization. Meeting effectiveness surveys are now shown at the end of meetings with five or more participants. Meeting organizers with a Viva Insights subscription will be able to see the aggregated results and feedback to promote an effective conversation. New Quiet Time settings will also allow admins to silence after-hours notifications and limit the use of apps after hours.

New Viva Learning Experiences

Employees will be able to create a sequenced group of learning materials and make them available as a Learning Path through Viva Learning. A learning path can be created on any topic. Learning collections will allow employees to create content from Learning Paths to suit their individual desires and desires.

The new Viva mobile app has a private homepage with access to required information and parts of training. You''ll also be able to see your notifications and complete training sessions on the go.

Viva Engage Storyline is Now Available

Organizations may create feature-rich posts to share with others in Viva Engage, Outlook, and the Viva Connections feed inside of Teams.

Stories, which is in the works, will enable users to share short video clips or photo collections to enhance collaborations.

Goals Integrations

Viva Goals has just launched to help employees and organizations maintain their goals consistent. This helps ensure that people are working on the top priorities they anticipate to have the most impact. Viva Goals also allows users to receive notifications and reminders from Slack. Microsoft will also be releasing notifications for first-party Microsoft tools and OKR notifications with Azure DevOps, Microsoft Planner, and Dynamics 365 in the future.