Windows 11 is now available as a killer feature for iPhone owners

Windows 11 is now available as a killer feature for iPhone owners ...

Today''s Microsoft Surface event was filled with fresh hardware updates, but there were still some Windows 11 updates. Apple and Microsoft may (lightly) be burying the hatchet by increasing their respective ecosystems.

The most significant immediate increase is the integration of iCloud with Windows 11, which could be a significant quality-of-life improvement for iPhone users. iCloud on Windows 11 will now automatically sync with the Windows 11 Photos app, rather than being limited to File Explorer. Based on Microsoft''s announcement, this update will happen soon if it has not already been established.

iCloud photo integration on Windows 11

Windows devices with Windows 11 and older versions of the Microsoft operating system have already received an iCloud connection. Photos, their iCloud Drive, Mail (with Outlook) and browser bookmarks may be syncd with the app. If you choose to sync Photos, the file Explorer will create a folder where you can then upload and download photos from.

Users of the iCloud will see these photos directly in their Windows 11 Photos app rather than having to upload and download them via File Explorer. Although Microsoft''s preview of the Surface event showed photos immediately appearing in the app, it will save iPhone users some time.

What''s really cool is that any edits in the Windows 11 Photos app are automatically syncable with iCloud. This should, in theory, but Microsoft has yet to confirm if this functionality is part of the integration.

Upcoming Apple integrations in Windows 11

Windows also announced updates for Apple Music and Apple TV out of the iCloud integration.

Apple Music is getting the most major upgrades. Xbox has a streaming music service that is now available. We believe that if you are a Spotify user, there has never been a better time to switch to Apple Music, and this is another reason. In 2023, Apple Music and Apple TV are expected to be added as standalone apps.

These Windows 11 updates are nice, but the hardware updates from Microsoft''s Surface event are the big highlight. Check out our live blog for all Microsoft updates today, including the Surface Laptop 5andSurface Pro 92-in-1 alongside a newSurface Studio 2+all-in-one laptop.