The Apple Watch app that has been rebuilt with a large type view and a watch has become a problem for 1Password 8

The Apple Watch app that has been rebuilt with a large type view and a watch has become a problem fo ...

The fantastic credentials management app 1Password has always treated the Apple Watch with care. It allows you to selectively sync login information from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. That''s what iCloud Keychain does. Today, the 1Password 8 version has a whole new set of features.

Mac, iPhone, and iPad first

In August, the iPhone and iPad first launched 1Password 8 as an all-new app. It included a customizable home screen and a new design for personalizing the app experience. Last spring, the transition to 1Password 8 was accompanied by a similarly revamped desktop client.

1Password 8 for Apple Watch

As work on 1Password 8, the most recent update is bringing a brand-new version of the Apple Watch app:

Even if your phone isn''t on you or you have no internet connection, your Apple Watch can now be used as a secure window into your most important information.

Apple Watch''s 1Password allows you to have easy access to two-factor codes, Wi-Fi passwords, secure notes, and any other items you wish to bring with you.

1Password 8 for Apple Watch includes the great Large Type option found on other apps. This feature is credited by 1Password for making this feature possible. Large Type allows you to tap into a password in a much more readable format than by default.

With new complication sets, users may now launch 1Password for Apple Watch directly from any watch face. This includes a possibility for jumping directly to specific accounts with two-factor codes for the most instant access.


In a blog post, 1Password reveals other ways of using the Apple Watch app:

View all of your custom fields (including multi-line notes) and custom item icons. We offer Markdown for notes. Designate individual items in your 1Password account by using your iPhone to ensure them sync securely to your Watch. From there, you may see them even if youre away from your phone and have no internet connection.

Version 8.9.6 also includes a list of updates to the iPhone and iPad versions. See the full change log and download 1Password 8 from the App Store.