Tesla has just made a significant upgrade to help customers deal with range anxieties

Tesla has just made a significant upgrade to help customers deal with range anxieties ...

Tesla is taking a number of important steps to assist you resolve your range issues.

The Tesla energy app runs on every vehicle that is used, revealing the usage statistics in your vehicle over time. The latest update (opens in a new tab) provides a broad spectrum of benefits to the vehicle, with range as the focus.

It will be able to demonstrate your Tesla''s power consumption as compared to its initial predictions, but the automobile will also be able to provide helpful tips on how to increase your electric vehicle''s driving range.

Your Tesla now shows energy consumption vs projected, and offers range recommendations pic.twitter.com/ABSPLTdGVgOctober 11, 2022

Tests in laboratory conditions are advertised, with no one of the drivers coming across out on the road. Not only does driving in less-than-perfect situations cause energy consumption to rise, but every component of your vehicle draws electricity from the same source.

Things like driving speed, cargo weight, and road conditions will influence how much power is required to make the wheels turn. On top of that, features like the heater, A/C, and whatever other electrics are connected to your vehicle will help you drain the battery. All of these factors will significantly reduce your overall driving range.

Because there is no crash course before you buy, this is something budding EV drivers may not be completely aware of. It was an unusual experience once, and it erupted somewhat. Cue a bunch of research on how to preserve range over long distances.

Teslas have some of the best electric car ranges, most certainly more than a (relatively) inexpensive used Nissan Leaf. But they still cant compare to the driving distance afforded by a gasoline or diesel. This means that you will be more comfortable traveling with high speed Superchargers.

Tesla is tackling both problems holistically by displaying range-preserving strategies inside the automobile. The first is by putting guidance on how the driver can see them, and aspirations of avoiding excessive power, like switching the heating down a few degrees or opting for heated seats instead.

These are not just generic guidelines you might find in a video game loading speed, but this is advice that is appropriate for you and your driving style. So if you have a habit of speeding, your Teslas computer will be able to calculate how much range you would have gained, even if you kept up to the speed limit like a good law-abiding person.

By itself, seeing your own electricity consumption versus what the automobile initially imagined is more of a curiosity than a useful tool. Even if your driving performance is so high there is a massive disconnect between the two. Even then, it does not matter how much better you can be.

The Tesla energy screen will now show you where the energy is being spent, which is infinitely more beneficial. How many battery percentage points have been lost due to climate control, elevation improvements, conditioning the battery, and so on.

This feature also applies to the parked automobile, showing how many miles youve lost in the Sentry Mode, the screen usage, the Summon feature, and more. All of which work together to help you figure out where your power is going and whether there is anything you can do to stop it.

I wish every car manufacturer would start offering on their own vehicles. Not just the ones selling electric cars. Imagine if your combustion engine automobile could revealing what features are causing your gas tank to empty out faster than it should, and what you can do about it. You would not only reduce the time between trips to the gas station, but you''d also save money as a result.

Most cars have a lot of choice, but combustion engines aren''t as connected as electric vehicles, and it''s hardly probable that will happen. Especially as more automakers switch sides and start producing their own electric vehicles. However, they have no option in relation to all-electric vehicles.

Tesla must once more be the one to show them what''s possible. It''s nice if the rest of the technology might be a little more proactive in the future.