Microsoft Edge is developing a fantastic program that might keep employees away from Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge is developing a fantastic program that might keep employees away from Google Chrome ...

Microsoft has announced an expansion for its flagship web browser that may help with the common problems faced by professionals.

Microsoft Edge will soon benefit from a new feature called Workspaces, which is outlined as a set of browser tabs that will allow groups to view the same websites and working files in one location.

The feature, which is now available in a preview, is designed to eliminate barriers associated with collaborating on complex projects, by giving teams shared canvases on the ground to collect web-based resources.

The browser of work?

Microsoft Edge was rebooted in early 2020 but has struggled to achieve the kind of market penetration that Microsoft might have anticipated.

Statcounter''s latest findings show that although Edge has improved on alternative browsers, it remains far behind Google Chrome and Safari''s in terms of market share.

Beyond providing a regular set of feature updates, Microsoft has employed a number of less traditional tactics to assist improve Edge''s growth, but not all have gotten popular with users.

After users expressed their displeasure, the company was recently forced to abandon a policy that included a significant amount of friction to the process of changing the default browser.

Microsoft was criticized for attempting to stop links that were used in its own browsers (e.g. Windows 11 widgets, the Start Menu, etc.) from being placed on any other browser, but against Edge, a resounding trend that drew havoc on the public.

The company may achieve significant growth with its intentions to introduce new business-oriented features to the web browser.

Microsoft already has a monopoly in the business market from a device perspective, with Windows-based business laptops and computers (the majority of which come with Edge preinstalled) the preferred option of the vast majority of organizations.

If Microsoft is able to convince professionals that Edge is a consideration that it would have the potential to enlisted many more users. And, by addressing common hybrid work problems for employees, Workspaces might help you achieve that goal.

If Microsoft Edge is going to compete head-to-head with Chrome, it will have to litigate a particular topic or use case. Perhaps, it has discovered one in the business market.