BMW's iDrive in-car touchscreen display will include casual gaming

BMW's iDrive in-car touchscreen display will include casual gaming ...

BMW has announced that it will add casual gaming to its iDrive in-car communications and entertainment system. This will be accomplished through a partnership between BMW and N-Dream, the maker of AirConsole, a cloud-based video game console.

AirConsole will be the gaming platform within the iDrive system beginning in 2023. The games will be controlled via the user''s smartphone in the company''s official press release. BMW Group Connected Company Development Senior Vice President Stephan Durach said in its statement:

We will leverage innovative technologies coupled with a wide variety of fun and multiplayer games. This will make every waiting situation inside the vehicle, such as charging, a pleasant moment.

Anthony Cliquot, the CEO of N-Dream, has added that she is looking forward to the next generation.

We are extremely proud to lead inside vehicles with BMW and are excited to develop new games for in-car entertainment. Our innovative architecture coupled with the ease of access of our platform will revolutionize the way people interact.

Tesla Arcade, which has pushed attention to the latest Tesla models'' informationtainment in cars, is evident. With a 10-teraflop processor and high-profile indie games like Stardew Valley and Cuphead, it is apparent that Tesla is quite serious about Tesla Arcade. Depending on the fact, some games even utilize the car''s steering wheel in their controls. We would not recommend using this scenario if you are on the road.

If you prefer BMW''s iDrive, it has been introduced in various BMW and Rollls-Royce models, as well as the Mini brand, and has also been introduced in the new Toyota Supra. The system allows users to control audio and navigation systems, as well as climate control.

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