Windows 365 has a fresh SKU, which is coming soon to the Microsoft Store

Windows 365 has a fresh SKU, which is coming soon to the Microsoft Store ...

Microsoft issued a Windows 365, a service that allows employees to safely stream the entire Windows experience using the Microsoft Cloud. This means that employees do not require special hardware and may simply enroll in the program to provide a personalized Windows experience. Today, Microsoft has announced a number of new features for both Windows 365 and Windows.

Microsoft has announced a new government SKU for Windows 365 that is geared towards federal contractors and employees. It is also available in the Microsoft Store so you can download and launch it directly from the Taskbar menu. Another addition in preview is the Citrix HDX Plus addition for Windows 365. It allows businesses to support more endpoint devices, peripherals, and security policies, especially in bandwidth-constrained environments.

According to a new program called Windows Update for Business reports, reports from the Update Compliance service are being moved to Azure Workbooks. This program will take place next month and will help the entire experience be more flexible and consistent.

Test Base for Microsoft 365 is having two preview features in the form of in-place upgrade support and Microsoft 365 apps testing. The former will be released next month, while the latter will be available later this month. In the same vein, targeted, contextual, and in-product organizational messages, announced a few months ago, will be released on preview.

Universal Print is also offering two additional capabilities: the first is enhanced admin support for localized administration, and the printer jobs page will be open for discussion and guidance before the end of this month.