Microsoft's industry cloud and Dynamics 365 have received a slew of improvements

Microsoft's industry cloud and Dynamics 365 have received a slew of improvements ...

Teams appears to be at the forefront this time around for the Dynamics 365 platform. Customers will now be able to access Business Central data without having to pay any additional costs. This will be controlled by admins to ensure that the access to business records can be restricted to the required personnel.

Customer Service will now offer an embedded version of Microsoft''s leading communications platform to automate AI-generated conversations, allowing the process to be more straightforward in cases where agents have to transfer cases to one another. Embedded Teams chats are also available now, with the capability to connect chats to Dynamics 365 records and enhance collaboration among users. Both features will be generally available this month.

Customers of Sales Enterprise and Viva Sales can now get conversational intelligence without incurring any extra expenses. Microsoft has also announced a new supply chain management expert certification. As is evident from the name, candidates will need to pass a couple of other pre-requisite exams first, denoted through the MB-330 and MB-335.

Microsoft''s cloud updates include cloud for sustainability and the Cloud for Healthcare. The latter includes general availability for an extended data model, as well as a new dashboard for organizations to evaluate the impact of emissions from the use of its other Microsoft services. Alongside this, a managed service has been introduced to record environmental claims and credits in a straightforward manner.

The following features have been highlighted in regards to the latter:

These are thought to be intended to alleviate healthcare providers'' burdens by providing proactive healthcare.