LastPass is about to enter the metaverse

LastPass is about to enter the metaverse ...

LastPass, a popular password manager, has announced that its intention to enter the metaverse. At this years Meta Connect event, the company made its 2D Progressive Web App available in the Quest app store, marking the start of a new phase for the company.

This is a move that makes LastPass the first of its kind to offer a Meta Quest app. According to a press release, the company says that this milestone marks the password manager becoming a major security service for virtual reality users. LastPass hopes to be vital for business, educational, productivity, and entertainment environments.

We were informed in response that if customers have [multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled on their account, they will still have to authenticate through that process - whether it be the LastPass Authenticator or another MFA option. There is no additional face ID or touch ID on the actual device. We do suggest that customers add an unlock pattern to their device and/or the app to log on.

LastPass for Meta Quest

Users can access unlimited passwords through the free versions of LastPass, which is divided into two categories, each month, and open up access to several devices, as well as additional features such as dark web monitoring and 1GB of encrypted file storage. Both membership types - both free and paid - may also utilize the Meta Quest app as part of their plans.

Karim Toubba, the CEO of LastPass, stated that regardless of which device you choose, universal access to your logins, personal information, and data should be the expectation. Many companies are already blurring the boundaries between work and home accounts, however this is soon set to change with the inclusion of a new, digital existence.

The company''s commitment to the metaverse appears to be quite strong, with additional plans to save and fill the Meta Quest Browser early in 2023, when it will become the first cross-device password manager to offer native integration.

No other password managers have expressed their commitment to offering metaverse apps so far, although it''s likely an indispensable move. Elsewhere, NordPass has already conducted its own research (opens in a new tab) on how customers intend to use the metaverse.