PayPal has launched an all-in-one terminal POS

PayPal has launched an all-in-one terminal POS ...

PayPal has announced a brand new POS device that is suited to the needs of small and medium businesses following its acquisition of Zettle in 2018.

Zettle Terminal, which has been launched, connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or a free-of-charge pre-loaded SIM card on the 3G and 4G networks to enable business owners to operate on the go. This completely mobile strategy should appeal to multi-location vendors, as it doesn''t require additional setup or manual connection at any new location.

Along with the usual card support - like Visa and MasterCard - the Zettle Terminal supports American Express and contactless payments, including digital wallets, PayPal, and Venmo QR codes.

PayPal Zettle Terminal POS

The company is looking to highlight a new feature that is being introduced, which will allow merchants to receive funds from completed sales in their PayPal accounts in under a few minutes.

The PayPal Zettle Terminal is available for purchase today for $199 or with an optional barcode reader for an additional $40. The standard Zettle card reader has been on sale for $79 (or $29 for first-time purchases by new companies).

A charging dock is also used as an on-the-spot receipt printer, which is available for an additional $70 at the point of purchase (or $99 as a standalone purchase).

On the PayPal website, card-present payments on both devices are charged at a fixed rate of $0.09 per transaction plus a 2.29% transaction fee. Details on all fees, including manual card entries and QR code payments, can be found in the new tab. The device and its accessories are also available to purchase.

The new tablet will be available in the United States on time, but it is likely to reach other territories in the near future.