Microsoft has announced an expanded supply chain, including a new audio dock, a presenter remote, and adaptive accessories

Microsoft has announced an expanded supply chain, including a new audio dock, a presenter remote, an ...

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Microsoft has introduced its Microsoft Accessories line alongside its flagship computers for the second year in a row, although not technically branded Surface devices.

Last year, we got Microsoft wired and Bluetooth headphones and mics, a USB-C powered Teams enabled speaker, and a decent 1080p portable webcam.

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories

Microsoft plans to expand the range of Surface accessories to include Adaptive Accessories such as the Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Hub, D-Pad button, Joystick, and Buttons, as well as custom 3D printed Pen 2 and Microsoft Business Pen grips designed in collaboration with Shapeways.

Users can now customize a Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support that includes three adjustable components, including the Mouse core, the tail extension, and the thumb support. The Adaptive Mouse can be wirelessly or via a USB-C connection and is designed for extreme use.

Users may create custom inputs without a keyboard, or the hub may connect to up to three devices that include Adaptive buttons, D-Pads, and Joysticks wirelessly or via USB-C. If you happen to already have a specific setup for your accessibility requirements, the Adaptive Hub can still connect to your current assistive technologies through five 3.5mm ports.

Many of the features for the use of the new Adaptive Accessories include Windows 10 or 11, as well as USB-C charging, for anyone who wants a physical battery replacement to be more comfortable.

Microsoft Audio Dock

Moving onto the Microsoft Audio Dock, the company is now introducing a seemingly vast and powerful audio experience than it used with the Teams enabled speaker from last year.

This time around, the Microsoft Audio Dock has four ports that include a full HDMI, two USB-C, and one USB-A ports, as well as a power pass-through to assist you power your connected computer all day long.

This Audio Dock will feature integrated mute controls with status lights, multi-dimensional sound, and a 15-watt woofer combined with five-watt tweeters, as well as being Microsoft Teams Certified, as well.

As with the more compact Microsoft audio processor from last year, physical buttons help you quickly access volume controls as well as jump in and out of Teams conference meetings.

Unfortunately, there is no wireless connection to the Audio Dock, and users will still need to connect via USB-C to their PC, but as a substantially larger, desktop-oriented device, its connectivity options make a bit more sense this year.

Microsoft Presenter+

Microsoft is also putting its own spin on the old-school laser pointer with the Microsoft Presenter+.

Through integrated app controls, programmable buttons, and improving vibrating feedback, a four-button thumb controlled tool can assist co-workers, partners, and executives in navigating presentations, slide shows, and reports in person and online.

The Microsoft Presenter+ is 93.86 x 29.5 x 9.4 mm (3.7 x 1.16 x.35 in) and has a display capacity of 25.6g.90oz, with batteries included, and it also comes in a single matte black color, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 for its 6-day battery life predictions, and it comes with a USB-A charging dock.

When using the Presenter+ in person, the slim and lightweight pointer can reach up to 32 feet/10-meter worth of wireless range and will work with PowerPoint, Prezi, and Keynote applications out of the box.