At the Surface event, Microsoft Presenter+ and Audio Dock were revealed

At the Surface event, Microsoft Presenter+ and Audio Dock were revealed ...

Microsoft has announced two new technologies to enhance the hybrid meeting experience: Microsoft Presenter+ and Microsoft Audio Dock. These two devices are designed to enhance your Teams meetings, with the Presenter+ being the first Teams-certified presentation control, and the Audio Dock provides great audio and noise-reducing microphones to enhance the experience of your meetings.

Microsoft claims that you can move between slides in your presentation, mute and unmute the volume, direct the audience''s attention with the screen pointer, and quickly join meetings. Besides, you can long press the Teams button on the controller to raise or lower your hand, so that you may easily engage with the meeting. The device is connected using Bluetooth, so you won''t have to stay too close to the computer.

With the Audio Dock, you will receive HDMI, USB-C x2, and USB-A connection ports, as well as a pass-through PC charger. Microsoft promises superior sound with the Omnisonic speakers, but others will appreciate the dual forward-facing, noise-reducing microphones. The Audio Dock has integrated mute control if you want to be quiet for a bit.

The price of these items is unavailable at the time of writing. Check the Microsoft website for your area to see if they are available in your area and how much they cost.