Apple Music is now available on Xbox consoles, and you may join Spotify

Apple Music is now available on Xbox consoles, and you may join Spotify ...

Because of the addition of a new app, you may now play Apple Music on Xbox consoles. Spotify already had a gaming platform.

While playing a game, you''ll be able to play Apple Music tracks in the background, with a slider to set your desired balance of game audio and music.

Tom Warren, who shows a brief video clip, discussed Apple''s first hinted at the move almost a year ago, after the icon appeared on PlayStation 5 consoles. Before the reference was removed, the company''s webpage also stated that it was available on consoles.

Here''s how Warren shared the brief video:

Apple Music is now available on Xbox consoles

Tom Warren (@tomwarren) October 12, 2022

Apple recently stated that the service now includes more than 100 million songs, and that the focus on human curation has never been greater.

Some people may wonder when an Apple Music app will be launched on Windows, to replace the previous version of iTunes.

When are they going to be released for windows? iTunes is so tangled.

The Windows App would be fantastic.

Since the app was already available on Android, it seems odd that the company hasn''t brought it to Windows. Last year, we tested it, and found it to be a smooth and full-featured experience.

The acquisition of Primephonic, a classical music streaming service, has resulted in a lot of speculation. However, Apple has promised a standalone classical app by the end of this year.

Since the acquisition, we have seen code references to Apple Classical, but the company has been hailed as being radiotic.

The main app provides access to classical music, but the search function for a genre in which people often desire to perform a specific performance is very poor.