Twitter is apparently reviewing its stances on permanent interdictions

Twitter is apparently reviewing its stances on permanent interdictions ...

The discussions between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Twitter are continuing, but it seems that the latter is reviewing its policies regarding permanent bans.

With Musk''s acquisition of the social media company looming, Twitter isn''t exactly a stranger to permanent restrictions, which is its harshest punishment if you''re using the platform. However, some of the alleged abusers, including Donald Trump''s inflammatory tweets, have been deleted by the company, without a permanent restriction. However, things might be expected to change.

According to a Financial Times report, Twitter is considering changing its rules on permanent bans and perhaps replacing this restriction with something else. The outlet has cited several people familiar with the matter for this claim. In a separate letter to Reuters, Twitter referred to this change as a "other thing."

Our core values are guiding us for years, including choice, control, legitimacy, and fairness, and as the public conversation continues to expand, we will also adopt our approach.

It''s worth mentioning that a few months ago, Musk criticised the necessity of permanent penalties, claiming that the penalties should be removed from spam accounts. He also suggested that real people who tweet something harmful or unlawful, there should be a temporary suspension or a timeout. However, this discussion is unanswered.

If Twitter changes its policies or not, only the time will tell, but we''ll likely hear more on this front if and when Musk completes his $44 billion offer.