Here's why Roku just launched a ton of inexpensive smart home appliances

Here's why Roku just launched a ton of inexpensive smart home appliances ...

Roku is launching a new range of smart home video doorbells, security cameras, and smart lights for less than $100.

While we have yet to test or even see Roku''s new devices in person, the aggressive pricing will certainly gain the attention of other high-paying homeowners in the smart home space, such as Blink and Wyze. Both are well-known names when it comes to inexpensive smart home devices.

Interestingly enough, the devices were all developed in partnership with Wyze in fact, and these largely look like re-badged Wyze products, so don''t worry that the company will not go away anytime soon.

All of the devices can be controlled by a new Roku smart home app. Besides, if you have a Roku streaming stick or a Roku-enabled TV, you''ll have the ability to see feeds from the camera-equipped devices on your television.

Below is a quick breakdown of all Roku devices that are now available online today (Oct. 12) at and, as well as at Walmart stores beginning October 17.

Doorbell and Chime SE from Roku Video start at $79.99.

The Roku Video Doorbell & Chime SE will be available in two versions, with a wired model will cost $79.99, and a battery-powered model will cost $99.99. The video doorbell''s camera has a resolution of 1080p (standard for all video doorbells).

The company claims to provide a better visual representation of a person from head to toe than the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and the Nest Doorbell, which also includes a 150 x 150 FOV. It will have two-way discussions and a variety of choices. However, Roku did not reveal whether it will have a person, vehicle, or package detection at the launch.

Roku indoor cameras

Roku Indoor Camera SE (26.99)

Even if you want to see more than your basic indoor security camera, the Indoor Camera SE is available in a 1080p resolution and provides a full color image at night. Equally, it can also detect the sound coming from a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and send you a warning.

The Roku Indoor Camera SE has an 80dB siren to deter potential intrusions. It looks identical to the Wyze Cam v3, which is our top budget pick among the best home security cameras.

Roku Indoor Camera 360 SE (399.99)

This indoor security camera comes with all of Roku''s other indoor cameras, but this model can be panned and tilted a full 360 degrees, allowing you to see everything that goes in a room. It has auto motion tracking, so if it senses someone, it will follow them as they cross your room, and it can be set to "patrol" by moving between up to four custom wayspoints.

Roku outdoor cameras

Roku Outdoor Wired Camera SE (499.99)

Roku Outdoor Camera SE ($73.99)

Roku Floodlight Camera SE (99.99)

All three of these cameras are based on a single central module, which includes a 1080p camera with a 130 field of view, an 80dB siren, and custom motion detection zones. Naturally, the wired camera will need to be plugged in, while the wireless model is powered by a battery which, according to the company, will last up to six months on a charge.

Roku smart lights


Roku has the ability to expand into some new areas by partnering with a small, but proven manufacturer of smart home devices and cheap ones at that is a smart move on Roku''s part. It''s a partnership that could protect both companies from larger competitors like Ring and Blink (which are owned by Amazon) and Google''s Nest lineup.

Roku will have the same subscription pricing as Wyze when it comes to cloud storage for video recorded by the cameras and video doorbells. Wyze offers several of the cheapest cloud video storage solutions available, which is not only a competitive advantage, but also a source of frequent revenue.