Google Pixel Watch will have less updates than Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch

Google Pixel Watch will have less updates than Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch ...

The Google Pixel Watch has plenty of room to offer, but the new Wear OS device is likely to lose out in the long term.

According to Wired''s product manager for Wear OS, Bjorn Kilburn, the Pixel Watch is on course to receive three years worth of software updates, while Samsung plans to maintain the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 for at least four years.

The Apple Watch 3, which provided three years worth of investment, has also provided one-by-one reduction, indicating that newer versions like the Apple Watch 7 are also in line for at least four years of ongoing maintenance.

Pourquoi is Pixel Watch, a recently-released product, losing a feature on Samsung''s Galaxy Watch 5, even if both devices have the same Wear OS 3 platform?

The issue arises because Google is no longer responsible for buying wearables that it does not manufacture, meaning Samsung is, in turn, no longer beholden to Google''s comparatively aggressive update cycle.

Google is willing to dedicate to three years worth of large OS upgrades for its Pixel Watch in the future, while Samsung and Apple are evidently capable of keeping its latest wearable for a long time.

The news isn''t all bad for new and prospective Pixel Watch owners, as long as it is mobile. Google has committed to releasing firmware updates for the Pixel Watch in an a similar manner, with quarterly updates expected to provide "new experiences" throughout the year, in combination with those additional regular updates.

Aside from its impressive design, its intuitive interface, and excellent industry-leading integration, the Google Pixel Watch''s early impressions are positive. During our limited time spent managing the device after the launch, we were impressed by its attractiveness.