Phil Spencer gives the world an overview of the Xbox streaming gadget a secret

Phil Spencer gives the world an overview of the Xbox streaming gadget a secret ...

Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft, has sparked interest by posting a tweet (opens in a new tab) with a previously unidentified prototype in the background. This isn''t quite a Tom Holland Avengers-level spoiler, but Spencers'' tweet has given us some to think.

While Spencer hasnt commented on the photo, an Xbox representative has confirmed that the device on Phils shelf was an old prototype of Keystone, referring to the name of Microsoft''s streaming project.

Even if this is not a modern prototype this is not the route we anticipated Microsoft to take. Spencers tweet''s tiny Xbox looks like a miniature Xbox that connects to a monitor or a TV. This would be excellent in tandem with the Xbox Game Pass streaming service, allowing some of the best Xbox Series X games without the need for a large console.

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Despite the fact that this particular prototype is unlikely to hit the market, Xbox fans should not be too attached to it. The same representative who confirmed the prototype''s existence earlier this year stated that we decided to withdraw from Keystone''s current form of communication and are continuing to develop new strategies. "We will continue to focus on a new approach that will allow us to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming to more players around the world in the near future."

This is consistent with Microsoft''s confirmation that Windows Central was doing a rethink in May 2022. Indeed, most (including us) assumed the Xbox streaming device would take the form of a stick integrated directly into a television, like a Amazon Fire TV Stick. Perhaps this is where the project is now going.

With the Xbox TV app launching on select Samsung TVs and monitors this year, Microsoft has plenty of experience in streaming, and a keystone (that will not be the final name) would provide this capability for all of the best smart TVs.

It''s possible that the Xbox streaming device will include apps for some of the finest streaming services, making it essentially an all-in-one TV and gaming device that could be moved from room to room (or house to house) a great start.

With the recent announcement of Google Stadia shutting down, the future of streaming games is unanswered. Many gamers are frustrated with the fact that the Stadia catalog of titles was lacking. Microsoft will not have a problem with the Xbox name, but it will still take a big pitch to distract players.