Here's what you should expect from the Microsoft Surface event on October 12th

Here's what you should expect from the Microsoft Surface event on October 12th ...

At the time of writing, the Microsoft Surface Event 2022 will be held today (October 12). So make sure to follow our Microsoft Surface October Event live blog for all of the latest from the Surface showcase.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and the Surface Laptop 5, as well as a whole host of other Surface devices, are expected to be revealed.

While we can''t say for sure until we get to know the livestream, here''s what we expect Microsoft to do during its big Fall 2022 event.

How to watch the Microsoft Fall 2022 event

The event will be broadcast live on Microsoft''s event website (opens in a new tab) on October 12. The broadcast will begin at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT, and it will likely be livestreamed on Microsoft''s YouTube channel at the same time.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

During its October 2022 event, a Microsoft unveiling a Surface Pro 9 which was first released in September 2021, and Microsoft has stated nothing about a successor, but earlier this month somereporters (opens in a new tab) noticed an FCCfiling in September 2022, which reveals that a device believed to be the Surface Pro 9 has been certified in compliance with FCC guidelines.

If that''s true, the Surface Pro 9 might be on sale as soon as October 2022, making it a well-known contender for the presentation during Microsoft''s October event.

As per our expectations, such a device will not be a huge departure from the Surface Pro 8. We anticipate that the Surface Pro 9 will include Windows 11 and have a 13-inch (2,880 x 1,920) display, but it will also feature the most recent Intel 12th Gen processors instead of the 11th Gen chips in the previous model.

However, we have learned from a solid assumption that Microsoft will merge (opens in new tab) its Surface Pro X line of ultra-mobile 2-in-1 laptops with the core Surface Pro line. If that proves true it will spell the end of the Surface Pro X, which was effectively Windows tablets with detachable keyboards (sold separately) that ran on Microsoft-branded Qualcomm SoC (system-on-chip) processors.

If it''s true, it also means that a Surface Pro 9 will be sold later this year, with 5G connectivity and a Qualcomm SoC (likely the Microsoft SQ3) inside.

Surface Laptop 5

Microsoft''s Surface Laptop 4 is expected to be the first family of devices for October, and the Surface Laptop line hasn''t been much of a lot of growth lately. Since then, we''ve heard a peep about when and if we should expect a Microsoft Surface Laptop 5.

Given the convenience of an ultraportable Surface Laptop for work and school, I described it as one of the best Windows laptops on the market, lauding its ease of keyboard, excellent speaker setup, and good battery life. It''s also quite powerful thanks to its 11th Gen Intel chips, but there''s still a lot of room for improvement.

I''d not be tense to see a Surface Laptop 5 unveiled during Microsoft''s October 2022 event. It''s a pleasure to see the company knock it out of the park next time it launches.

The Surface Laptop 4 is pretty good and comes in both AMD and Intel versions, but both the 13-inch and 15-inch models lack a decent port array, a good webcam, and the graphical strength of a discrete GPU. Now that Apple has done an excellent job of designing a powerful, stylish macOS laptop with the MacBook Pro in 2021, it might be nice to see Microsoft deliver something similar for Windows 11.

Surface Studio 3

On the more radical end of the spectrum, aMicrosoft patent from 2016 revealed that the next Surface Studio 3 all-in-one might be unveiled at Microsoft''s event and may not be an all-in-one at all, with hints of a modular design that combines the same touch capability and zero-gravity hinge, but without the PC hardware in the base. Such a transition could move the Surface Studio away from the previous models'' all-in-one design and toward something closer to a high-

Separating the display and the PC would bring the Surface Studio''s benefits to a larger audience, but it''s a substantial departure from Microsoft''s current product line, transforming a single, complete package into a less impressive mini PC with the Studio''s ergonomics and input abilities. While I would like to do so with the Surface Studio name, making this one effective means the most innovative Windows all-in-one on the market to nothing more than a nice monitor.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2

There''s no development so far about the possibility for a Surface Laptop Studio 2, so don''t miss out on your expectations about it being unveiled during the October Microsoft event. Even if the Surface Laptop Studio is working on a Surface Laptop, chances are that it''s this year.

If the company is considering launching a Surface Pro 9 or a Surface Laptop 5, it only makes sense to consider a follow-up to the Surface Laptop Studio, since it is the only Surface device Microsoft has recently developed, which is especially popular due to its renewed focus on touch input and ease of use as a tablet OS.

It''s a great laptop to make art or writing notes by hand, as the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Studio review described it. The system is powerful, well-designed, and sports a 14.4-inch 120Hz touchscreen that can slide down over the keyboard like an easel or sit flat like a tablet. The onboard discrete GPU provides enough power to play pretty well.

The speakers aren''t bad either, but the Surface Laptop Studio does have a few flaws that keep it from being an outstanding laptop. That''s why I hope Microsoft will get some more cracks sooner rather than later.

Microsoft Surface event 2022 outlook

Mark your calendars. All signs indicate that a slate of new Surface devices will be announced on October 12th. There is certainly only one way to know for sure! Our next Surface live blog will be relaunched soon!