The Windows 11 22H2 bug has broken the security feature for Windows Hello

The Windows 11 22H2 bug has broken the security feature for Windows Hello ...

As the Bleeping Computer (opens in a new tab) reports, Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows 11 22H2 update is being blocked from some PCs due to compatibility difficulties with the security feature, namely that the upgrade breaks Windows Hello. Apparently the gremlin in the works doesn''t only affect biometric logins like the webcam using facial recognition but also PIN entry.

Microsoft unveils a dashboard status update (opens in a new tab): After upgrading to Windows 11, version 22H2, signing in using Windows Hello might not work as predicted.

There should be no problems on PCs that install 22H2, and then enable Windows Hello, according to Microsoft.

Analysis: Don''t force the update, but a solution is right on the back.

PCs will have a compatibility hold, as the good news is that this will soon be lifted, as the bug has been fixed in patch KB5017389.

That''s a preview update from September that has just seen its whole release for October, and as it is now rolling out, Microsoft claims: The safeguard hold will be removed in mid-October 2022.

It''s advised that this happen anytime soon, and blocked Windows 11 PCs will be able to get the 22H2 update. In the meantime, Microsoft advises that you wait and not force an update manually before that compatibility hold has been removed.

You may recall that Windows 11 22H2 has experienced a greater share of bugs, including some serious printer issues, and headaches for those who have Nvidia graphics cards, and oh, as well as crashes with several Intel-based PCs. Here''s a checklist to help you fix common Windows 11 problems.