This Prime Day, you shouldn't buy an Apple Watch 7? This is why:

This Prime Day, you shouldn't buy an Apple Watch 7? This is why: ...

There''s no doubt about it, Apple makes some of the best smartwatches on the market, and there''s a reason why millions of Americans have an Apple Watch strapped to their wrist. Right now, the Apple Watch Series 8 is on sale for $349 (opens in new tab), which is $50 less than its normal price of $399.

The Apple Watch Series 8 was only available a few weeks ago, so seeing it already drop in price is rare but welcome. Several GPS models in both 41mm and 45mm sizes have been reduced, according to Amazon and Walmart (opens in a new tab) compared to the regular price of $399. At the time of writing, the Midnight and (PRODUCT)RED versions are also available at a discounted price.

Which Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch Series 8 should you purchase this Prime Day?

The Apple Watch Series 7 isn''t that much cheaper than the newer model, but in pictures, the two look quite similar, so why should you invest in the newer watch? Both have new features, including low power mode, and the latest watchOS update, yet the Apple Watch 8 has two new features, including a skin temperature sensor and a crash detection.

Apple released the Watch Series 8, promoting the skin temperature sensor as a tool for cycle and fertility tracking changes to wrist temperature have been prouvees as probable ovulation (opens in a new tab). However, your temperature may also be an indication of illness, so in the future, Apple might develop health settings that rely on this temperature reading.

The Apple Watch Series 8 includes two new motion sensors, along with new gyroscopes and accelerometers. These together can measure motion 4x faster than before, making the watch feel better when it crashes. If a car crash would happen, the company would automatically call emergency services and notify your emergency contacts.

If you''re not sure about either of these features, you''ll notice the difference between the series 7 and 8, both with a curvier chassis and thinner display bezels, plus the screen is 20% larger than the Apple Watch Series 6''s, and it''s optimized for features such as an Always-On Display, the new watchOS 9 faces, and a QWERTY keyboard for sending messages.

Now is a great time to purchase the Series 8, which is likely to return to its original price tomorrow.

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