This Apple Watch Ultra case is very expensive and comes with cuckoo bananas

This Apple Watch Ultra case is very expensive and comes with cuckoo bananas ...

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Golden Concept wants you to spend the same money again on a protective case for your Ultra if you''ve just dropped $799 / 849 on an Apple Watch Ultra. The Golden Concept Racing Sport Ultra range promises not only to protect your Ultra, but also to make it easier to operate in extreme conditions.

The case comes in many colours, including black, yellow, green, and orange, providing extra impact protection, swapping fluoroelastomer straps, and additional layers on the Digital Crown, making it easier to grip even if you''re wearing gloves. Both the Home and Action buttons have been raised, so they''re also easier to press.

Statement straps for any Apple Watch type

Given how tough the Apple Watch Ultra is, the idea of placing it in a case may seem a bit unattainable, but luxury items aren''t about practicality, or no one would purchase the Apple Watch Hermes for four times the price of the standard model. And these cases certainly make a statement.

For Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 8, the Swedish luxury brand may assist you in finding a statement case.

These kinds of cases are unlikely to target market value, but if you''re a luxury watcher who wants to have something different from everyone else, then there''s no doubt that these designs offer exactly that. And it''s probably safe to say that unlike the cheap Apple Watch cases I''ve previously tried, they won''t pop off if you so much as look at them funny.