Five new items have just been released by Garmin for the first time

Five new items have just been released by Garmin for the first time ...

Garmin''s Marq watches have been unveiled for the second generation. A sophisticated collection, similar to the Top-end Fenix and Epix sports watches, this luxury watch range is tailor-made to suit all of the demands of sport, with five watches designed for athletes, golfers, sailors, aviators, and adventurers.

These watches are made with a Titanium Grade5 casing, domed Sapphire glass lenses, and premium straps depending on your chosen model, which include materials such as more titanium, hybrid leather, and woven nylon, a 16-day battery life.

All of the Marq watches are available on wrist-based heart rate, respiration, and stress tracking, advanced sleep insights, and Garmins'' excellent Body-Battery energy monitoring widget. Besides, the Marq watches should be designed to help you minimize the effects of Jet Lag if, say, you travel internationally before a big race.

Garmin has announced that its new Jet Lag Adviser helps users feel their best physically and mentally. Using the users'' sleep history, the adviser advises the amount of light exposure, a sleep schedule, and exercise to mitigate the effects of the jet lag for their next long-distance single or multi-destination trip.

In turn, let''s look at each item:

Analysis: Different but same

The watches are designed for huge expenditures and frequent travelers who desire all of the information from a smartwatch with the trappings of a luxury company such as Patek Phillipe or Omega. Various materials and functions are customized for people whose lives revolve around particular sports, hobbies, or disciplines. Nevertheless, all of the watches are largely the same.

The most, if not all, of the golf stuff, is available on the other four watches. We hope the list will be extended to the rest of Garmins sports watch range, as this sounds like a great feature.

The differences are evident in the bezel etchings, strap materials, the watch color schemes, and, of course, the marketing.

This second-gen Marq is a fantastic fitness and well-being watch that is equipped with all Garmin''s latest equipment, but we can''t imagine the Athlete, for example, is much better when it comes to tracking. It''s also missing the Power Glass battery-extending solar technology in Garmin''s much cheaper Enduro and Forerunner watches.

What you pay for is the luxury package, a stunning piece of wrist candy that looks like it belongs with a smart suit rather than a tormented wear.