Look out for Raspberry Pi, as there's a potentially dangerous new competitor in the area

Look out for Raspberry Pi, as there's a potentially dangerous new competitor in the area ...

Pine64, a Hong Kong-based single-board computer company, is projected to compete with Raspberry Pi with its upcoming Ox64, according to CNX Software (opens in a new tab).

The Ox64 will be built on a RISC-V architecture to directly challenge the Raspberry Pi Pico W. Although Pine64 hasn''t made an official announcement, a wiki post (opens in a new tab) gives us a fairly comprehensive hint.

The CPU has two Alibaba T-head cores, one 62-bit and another 32-bit, and the machine also has 64GB of DRAM (compared to the Pico Ws 264Kb) and a Bouffalo Lab AI interface for video and audio detection and recognition.

Pine64 Ox64 specs

There''s a built-in Wi-Fi in the case of the Raspberry Pi Pico W. The Ox64 only connects to 2.4GHz channels. While Wi-Fi 6 is beginning to gain widespread traction in household devices, Wi-Fi 4 should be sufficient for most microcontroller users.

Bluetooth 5 is also compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee, a smart home enthusiast (specifically IEEE 802.15.4).

Onboard storage is reduced to 128 million/16MB, although SDHC/SDXC microSD cards are supported. Additional expansion comes courtesy of a USB 2.0 port, 26 GPIO pins concealed around the module with SPI, I2C, and UART capabilities, and a USB-C port for power.

The Ox64s footprint, like the Raspberry Pi Pico W, measures 51x21mm. Despite its slight thickness, the Pico W is still 19mm (compared to 3.9mm for the Pico W or 12.9mm for the Pico WH).

The Ox64''s future capabilities are unknown, although it is likely to support a Linux operating system, including many of its readily available Raspberry Pi distros. It''s also expected to be priced at under $10/10, similar to its main competitor.