Meta joins forces with Microsoft and Accenture in order to transform Metaverse workspaces

Meta joins forces with Microsoft and Accenture in order to transform Metaverse workspaces ...

At Meta Connect 2022, Meta unraveled the Meta Quest Pro. Its VR headset blends workspaces into Metas virtual world and includes features such as eye-tracking, pancake optics, better controllers, and more.

The VR headset has a target for creative individuals, like architects and engineers, and inserted their workspaces into Metaverse. Last year, Meta began using Beta, a virtual reality studio, which allowed individuals to collaborate. It also expanded on the existing features by adding more expressive avatars, thanks to eye-tracking and face-reading techniques. Lastly, Meta Quest Pro also extended its feature by adding additional breakout areas that allow individuals to interact with the headset in a single session.

Meta added sticky notes, 3-D models (launching next year), three virtual screens, and a Magic Room. The Magic Room coming next year is a hybrid system that can connect distant individuals virtually with those who are physically in the room. Meta Quest Pro controllers also have a 360-degree range of motion, include precision gestures, and provide haptic feedback, such as vibrations.

Meta has stated that it will leverage Microsoft''s product integration capabilities to Meta Quest 2 and Pro. These tools include the integration of Microsoft Teams with Meta Quest, giving users access to personalized app and settings, as well as advanced PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, users may also interact with Meta Quests VR space content in their workrooms, including security and management.

Through Autodesk and Adobes collaboration, Meta unveiled the addition of 3-D immersive views and 3-D models for designers and architectures.

Adobe Substance 3D applications for professional 3D designers, designers, and artists will be added to Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2, which will allow anyone to model 3D objects in VR with our controllers. Adobe will also introduce Adobe Acrobat to the Meta Quest Store, which allows PDF document viewing, editing, and collaboration to be major improvements.

Meta plans to introduce a subscription for companies called Meta Quest for Business that would include additional features and tools to provide greater control. It would also add Azure Active Directory to ensure security on the virtual platform.