Meta is on the 'extremists' list of Russia's financial monitoring agency

Meta is on the 'extremists' list of Russia's financial monitoring agency ...

Meta has been added to a list of "terrorists and extremists," according to Russian news organizations. Rosfinmonitoring is a Russian financial monitoring agency.

The list of "organizations and individuals" has the capability to provide information about their involvement in extremist activities or terrorism. However, it appears that Meta''s inclusion does not extend to all of its products, most particularly, WhatsApp.

This isn''t the first time that Meta and its services have faced the scrutiny of regulators in recent months, and a court in March rejected an appeal after Meta was found guilty of "extremist activity."

After the restriction, Russian users have regularly turned to VPNs, but Roskomnadzor, the state communications regulator, has just updated its list of banned VPNs, and is continuing to strive to keep them out.

In a statement from senior lawmaker Andrey Klishas, Russian citizens have no obligation to worry when it comes to using the services.

This may not be entirely true, given that some Facebook and Instagram users are being ecstatic about some posts, and that advertising or advertising from the firms might be considered as illegal under Russia''s criminal code.