By December, Apple and Google will have a 5G update to iPhone and Pixel devices

By December, Apple and Google will have a 5G update to iPhone and Pixel devices ...

Apple has not begun rolling out of 5G services yet in iPhone 12 and above devices. According to the update on the Bharti Airtel website, Apple has yet to update its software for iPhone 12 and above users. So far, there has been no official information on the timeline for Apple to provide the 5G update to the users. Despite the announcement, Apple will make the necessary adjustments by December this year.

According to a survey by ET Telecom, Apple intends to implement the 5G service in iPhone 12 and above devices by December. This may include an iOS update for Apple smartphones.

Apple is reportedly testing its phones for Airtel''s 5G services in key cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Apple is also said to be conducting tests for 5G roll out on Jio''s network, but there has not been a confirmation from Apple or Airtel officials on the matter.

According to reports, Google Pixel smartphones will provide the 5G services to users through a software upgrade in December. Several 5G-supported smartphones with Airtel network have yet to receive an official update for the 5G roll out on the devices. These include Samsung, Motorola, Asus, Honor, Lava, LG, and Nokia.

On Wednesday, officials from the Department of Telecom (DoT) and MeitY will meettelecom operators and smartphone companies to discuss the use of 5G services on a large scale in the country. During the meeting, officials from both the Department of Transportation and the Ministry of Electronics and IT will meet to discuss the topic of the teething 5G issues.

The agenda of the meeting revolves around discussions about how they might allow the handsets to begin supplying 5G services on 5G networks in India.