The Quest Pro premium VR headset has been announced as your next product tool by Meta

The Quest Pro premium VR headset has been announced as your next product tool by Meta ...

At Meta''s Connect 2022 event, the company unveiled its new premium VR headset. The Quest Pro is available alongside the rest of the Quest range, offering VR headsets at different prices. This new headset, conceived as a productivity tool rather than for gaming in virtual environments, is sure to help.

Meta has redesigned the Quest Pro headset all the way down to the lenses. The lenses themselves provide a 40% thinner technology than the previous one, resulting in a significant decrease in the capacity. This should make the headset lighter, however this remains to be seen.

A full-colour Passthrough mode is added to the Quest Pro, which allows you to see your surroundings from other Quest headsets, but it is now in colour rather than black and white. Metas'' new headset can also use this in mixed reality scenarios, using AR technology to embed virtual elements on top of real life.

The headset, which includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor, has been upgraded, bringing the lenses to a 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, as well as other capabilities previously revealed. Similarly, cameras have been restored to monitor the controls position.

The Quest Pro features a massive black mark on its battery life. Meta estimates that you''ll get between one and two hours of battery out of the new headset (which is a best-case-scenario) and this is roughly half the price of the Quest 2, which is quite evident due to the new hardware inside and additional features, but it seems like a great trade-off. This is causing difficulties, especially for productivity tasks as intended.

If Metas Quest Pro gets your eye, you may pre-order the headset from Meta beginning today. It retails for $1500/1500, and will begin shipping on 25 October. However, the headset is dubbed for pros, but it may be a difficult pill to swallow this early in VRs life.

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