The effects of graffiti inspired by Speed Unbound can be turned off

The effects of graffiti inspired by Speed Unbound can be turned off ...

EA and Criterion Games announced and distributed a teaser trailer for the next Need for Speed game Unbound last week, and today, the developer returned with even more gameplay and information about the new art style.

Due to the need for speed title, car customization is once again a major task here, which has been applied to several of the previous parts in the franchise. Criterion is also developing collectable artwork wraps that can be applied to vehicles and even removable components. The latter allows players to demonstrate off their cars'' mechanical innards by removeting the exterior shells.

Apart from the extensive customization options for Unbound''s "hyper-realistic" automobiles, as well as player characters, Tags are what the studio is attempting to offer as a brand-new way to personalize the experience.

These new graffiti-inspired artwork come to life when enhancing, appearing as "dramatic, customizable effects that paint the surrounding world," according to the new gameplay trailer above. illustrative lines that etch around the curves of your automobile

"Need for Speed Unbounds a realistic-looking world, and automobiles really aid grounding the visuals," says art director Darren White of the art style. "We creatively subvert the characters and visual effects, creating them into expressionistic representations of you and your actions." It''s literally graffiti-coming-to-life

However, for those who don''t want Tags coming out if a boost is applied, Criterion has confirmed that the effect can be completely avoided:

Yes, you may turn off the effects. In fact, you may choose to never put them on in the first place. Like any other component of a car, however.

Need for Speed Unbound will be available for PC (Steam, EA app, and Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Pre-orders are now available for $69.99. The complete vehicle list can be found here.