What to Expect from Microsoft Surface Pro 9

What to Expect from Microsoft Surface Pro 9 ...

We''re now hours away from Microsoft''s Surface showcase event on October 12th, and we''ve been combing through rumors and leaks to figure out what hardware is most likely to be shown. At this stage, all sources point towards a triumvirate of new Surface products: led by the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablet.

The Surface Pro 9 has some reasonably high shoes to fill. However, the Surface Pro line slowed for a few years in a state of general uncertainty and less-than-stellar sales, but the excellent Surface Pro 8 made it even more versatile and reliable as a tablet-cum-laptop.

We''re expecting the Pro 9 to compete on its predecessor rather than reinvent the wheel. The Pro 8 received an upgraded camera array, improved battery life, and a superior display; therefore, we''re not expecting too much to change.

Be aware that everything that follows is based on current-current speculation and rumors. For now, we''ll update this page with all the juicy factoids we can cram in, but you can now read on to see our expectations and hopes for Microsoft''s new Surface Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9: cut to the chase

Release Date and Price for Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Microsoft has re-scheduled a rigid annual release schedule for each new Surface Pro model, typically dropping them in the third quarter every year since 2013. The only exception was in 2020, where the impacts of the epidemic on technology supply chains likely caused a hold-up.

Despite the fact that in September 2021 we received the Surface Pro 8, and it looks like Microsoft is planning to resume regular versions, as the Pro 9 is expected to launch this year.

There is no official release date for the Surface Pro 9 yet, but we''d be surprised if it didn''t launch shortly after Microsoft disclosed it, and we''re very much anticipating it to happen during the Surface event. That means we''re likely looking at a Q4 release sooner than usual, but it''s probable to see it unfolding again given the still-fewful consequences of the epidemic.

When it comes to pricing, we''re not sure if any new Surface Pro tablet fits the Pro 8 for price. This means we''d like to see a price range starting at $1,099 / 999 and topping out at $2599 / 2,459. This might be a deal-breaker for most individuals, especially because the keyboard and trackpad Type Cover remain intact.

While we''re on the subject, why isn''t the Type Cover included as standard? Microsoft recommends lowering the cost rather than dropping an additional $179 per 159 per month, just to fully realize the Surface Pro''s potential as a 2-in-1 tablet-laptop. Right?

Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Design

Despite the fact that the Surface Pro 8 is already quite impressive in its own right, there are still a few areas where Microsoft might assist with the Surface Pros design.

Will Microsoft provide the new Surface Pro a 4K display or offer it as an option for the most basic configurations? Most of the Surface Pro 8s upgrades are display-focused, by narrowing the bezels for a slightly larger screen size and largely the same footprint, and increasing the resolution to keep the 3:2 aspect ratio for a good measure. However, if this device were to keep up with its target users, which are designers and designers, then adding a 4K option might be a good idea.

Also, for a tablet-laptop hybrid, its severely lacking in physical ports, and as we pointed out above, it does not come with the keyboard and trackpad Type Cover out of the box, exactly like the previous models.

One of the difficulties we missed from the older Surface Pros is the USB Type-A port, with the Surface Pro 8 choosing to be affixed to Thunderbolt 4. However, the next model should have more input and output ports on hand, although its at it, given the EU''s recent ruling that laptops will need to be charged universally via USB-C.

Final note: While the rear camera has just been upgraded, a 12MP one would non only allow it to catch up to the iPad Pro, but also make it even more valuable of that pro title.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9: performance

At this point, we''re optimistic that the Surface Pro 9 will be equipped with Intel''s 12th-gen processor. Simply put, the Alder Lake CPUs offer excellent performance owing to their extensive.LITTLE core architecture, they''re the obvious choice.

We should see a significant increase from the Surface Pro 8''s Tiger Lake processors, which will hopefully enable the Pro 9 to even better use of the other components found in the Pro 8.''s higher-spec models.

With the 12th-gen Intel, DDR5 is supported, so it''s great to see that again - with up to 32GB in the more powerful versions. As for storage, there will likely be a wide range of versions, though we''re doubting that a model with more than 1TB of space.

The Surface Pro 8''s battery life and charging capabilities are among the finest weve ever seen on a high-powered laptop, even with tablets. We hope that Microsoft maintains that same longevity (or better) on the next-generation Surface Pro, even with more powerful internals.