In a spooky interview with Joe Rogan AI, Steve Jobs AI appears here

In a spooky interview with Joe Rogan AI, Steve Jobs AI appears here ...

Despite the flaws, a spooky podcast episode features a Steve Jobs AI being interviewed by a Joe Rogan AI. The effect is frightening. talks about how the process works. is a weekly podcast that explores a new topic in depth, entirely driven by artificial intelligence. The episodes are rendered with play.hts ultra-realistic voices, and transcripts are created with fine-tuned language models. For example, the Steve Jobs episode was tutored on his biography and all recordings we could see online so that the AI could accurately bring him back to life.

Why is Steve the Company''s first guest?

We wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible in the actual state of the art speech synthesis, we wanted to create content that might inspire others to do the same, and there was no one who influenced and impacted the technology world more than Steve Jobs, and thats why in the first episode we brought his voice back to life.

There are a number of flaws in the voices. There is a slight robotic advantage to them, and the intonation sometimes does not match the content. However, the laughter is also quite terrible! It''s still remarkable how close the voices sound to the actual thing when you aren''t actively listening for these things.

I believe that describing the content as AI-generated is a real stretch. It''s very clear that the system is eliminating entire paragraphs from recordings rather than producing entirely new content. It''s effective picking up keywords and then looking for actual quotes on this topic rather than discovering additional responses.

The impact is that it sounds a bit like a collection of Steve soundbites rather than a real interview. Despite that, it is still a little eerie experience listening to it!

On the outgoing, the company''s vision might certainly be pushing the boundaries, although Im not sure if Steve would have approved it. believes in a future in which all content creation will be driven by humans, but the most creative work will depend on the ability of the humans to articulate their desired creation to the machine.

That future is being built in tandem with a major component of it, which is the emotional and expressive human-like synthetic speech generation and the ability to clone any voice with perfect resemblance.

We hope that others will be inspired by this project and begin developing even more engaging audio and video content with the help of generative AI.

So far, AI systems are writing simple content with a predictable format, such as sports news and financial reporting, where names and numbers are inserted into a tried-and-tested template. However, the idea of a future in which all content is produced by AI seems to be as far-fetched as it is.

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