Jio-Bp is establishing a charging network for Mahindra's next E-SUV launches

Jio-Bp is establishing a charging network for Mahindra's next E-SUV launches ...

Jio-Bp, the energy retailing firm between Reliance Industries and BP, will establish a charging network for Mahindra''s upcoming e-SUV launches, according to the company.

"Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), India''s leading SUV manufacturer, and Jio-Bp are strengthening their existing partnership with Jio-Bp to create a robust charging network for Mahindra''s e-SUV launches," the company said in a statement.

Last year, the businesses signed a measure that would entail the creation of electric vehicle (EV) products and services, as well as identifying synergies in low-carbon and conventional fuels.

Reliance and BP joint venture are expanding their Jio-Bp pulse branded EV charging network by establishing charging facilities at various touch points within cities and major highways in order to ensure smooth intra-city and inter-city commutes.

Jio-Bp will deploy DC fast chargers at the M&M dealership network and workshops across the country starting with 16 cities.

"With these chargers being open to the public, the partnership will benefit all stakeholders in the electric vehicle value chain," the statement said.

At Mahindra Research Valley, Chennai, M&M launched its first all-electric C segment SUV, the XUV400.

By introducing its Born Electric Vision, the company intends to develop a range of world-class electric SUVs in the coming years.

The group is bringing electric vehicles to a great speed-charging facility.

"To this end, M&M has agreed to establish a large, accessible and convenient fast-charging network," he said.

According to the report, Jio-Bp and M&M will combine to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicle in India and to aid in accomplishing its net-zero emissions targets.