Eleven will not survive in Season 5 of Stranger Things, according to Millie Bobby Brown

Eleven will not survive in Season 5 of Stranger Things, according to Millie Bobby Brown ...

Millie Bobby Brown, star of Stranger Things, has clarified her previous statements about wanting her character Eleven to die in season 5.

Brown walked back on what she previously said during the press show on Stranger Things on November 4; later in May, many outlets covered comments from Brown, which suggested that she''d like the show''s co-creators to kill their darlings in the popular Netflix show. Now, though, she admits that she was simply joking, but reporters took her sentences as verbatim and ran with them.

"I say things like this, but then I also said I want Eleven to die," she told Total Film if she wanted Eleven and Mike to have a happy ending post-season 5. "I really do not know. And also, it''s not my choice.

"I say all these things about myself, and then people take them out and print them," says the author. "It''s like, no, no, no I said as a joke, that she wanted to marry and work at a Target. "That was okay. But it''s probably not a joke."

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The plot for Season 5 of Stranger Things has been identified, but the writers'' room had confirmed that work on character arcs and main story beats for the fifth season, with work finished on it in mid-September (opening in a new tab) although also speculate that filming will begin in early 2023.

We don''t know anything about Stranger Things 5. For her part, Brown claims to Total Film. According to Brown, "[I''ll] probably [find out] when Im filming, I wont even know how it ends. I really, really am clueless. And, additionally, they dont want to say me. I''ve got a massive mouth."

Season 5 of Stranger Things will conclude the franchise''s main narrative, but there are still spin-offs. Upside Down Pictures, a production company, has recently announced that it will develop a stage play based on the show, while a few other TV spin-off shows are also in the works. Don''t expect Brown to feature in any of these Netflix projects, however.

"I''m so keen on Enola [Holmes 2]," Brown said when asked if she''d be involved in future projects. "Stranger Things we saw it, we love it, we have big hearts. But let''s make more Enolas. That''s why we should use Netflix. But besides that, I would like to see another bald-headed 10-year-old get given that opportunity. I would help her navigate it."

What happens to Stranger Things 5?

Seasons 1 to 4 of Stranger Things will be released, so please keep an eye on it.

Obviously, we''ve no idea who will live and die in the last season of Stranger Things. However, in our Stranger Things 5 hub, which you can read above, we''ve speculated that there''ll be a few characters who are safe from the zombie block.

This trio have had enough trauma since Season 1 of Stranger Things, no matter what happened to his daughter''s death. Moreover, it was Will''s kidnapping in the show''s premiere that sparked events into gear, and his mother Joyce has had to deal with the consequences since. Hopefully, these three characters will survive the season 5 finale.

Eleven has been through enough throughout her young life, so it would be surprising to see her killed off. We believe he will be safe as a result of Mike''s death, and he will be out.

Max may die, and we''d be surprised if she exits her coma following the events of the Stranger Things 4 finale. That said, like the quintet mentioned above, she''s been through a lot, so maybe the Duffer brothers will be sympathetic to her and allow her to live under whatever disguise it might be.

After his father died in season 1, the Duffers could catch and switch us and keep Steve alive throughout the remainder of the show.

All of the other main characters could be killed off if their deaths were avoided for several reasons, such as whether they''ve been around since the series premiere, or if they''ve become a strong fan favorite. However, you may be completely adored by the Stranger Things'' fanbase and still not live to see another morning. Nobody, therefore, is truly safe ahead of the show''s final season.

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