With burned notebooks and unhinged antisemitic tweets, Twitter controversies continue

With burned notebooks and unhinged antisemitic tweets, Twitter controversies continue ...

The ongoing Twitter havoc triggered by Elon Musk''s on-off purchase of the social network appears to be no pause.

A report on burned notebooks, deleted files, and whether a unhinged antisemitic tweet would have been allowed to remain up under Musks'' ownership are some of the most recent developments.


Musk startedquietly buying Twitter shares, was offered a seat on the company''s board,changed his mind one day later, offered to purchase the company,Twitter was denied admission,Twitter sued, and everything was going aheadwithin Musks bankers sweating.

Burned notebooks and deleted files

Peiter Zatko, the former CEO of Twitter''s security, filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Department of Justice, alleging extreme, disturbing deficiencies in the company''s security against hackers. Musk promptly took advantage of that as another reason not to proceed with the purchase, despite signing a waiver and giving up his due diligence rights.

The Senate has launched a probe into whether the alleged failings may affect national security by posing fake tweets, thought to be used by politicians and world leaders.

Zatko argues that Twitter forced him to burn notebooks and delete files in order to receive his severance package. It would sound like something out of a tabloid report, but for the fact that Zatko is a well-respected figure in the security world, not given to wild tales.

Bloomberg reports.

According to court filings released on Oct. 3 notes of whistle-blowers meetings with corporate counterparts during his year-long term as security director.

At the time, Musk, of course, said.

In the unsealed filing, Twitter''s attempt to purchase Mr. Zatkos'' silence failed, but Twitter achieved its secondary objective of ensuring Mr. Zatkos'' testimony would never be revealed.

The latest of Twitter controversies is a antisemitic tweet.

There has been a lot of speculation about how Kanye West''s handling of a bizarre antisemitic tweet referred to as Ye might have been done under Musk''s ownership of the social network. The Washington Post reports:

Ye, formerly Kanye West, sent an Instagram post Friday, implying that Sean Diddy Combs was controlled by Jewish people a common antisemitic trope. Instagram had removed the post and locked his account.

Ye was greeted on Twitter, and Elon Musk, who might soon take ownership of the company. However, within hours, Ye had posted a separate antisemitic tweet, promising to die con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE. Twitter, like Instagram, was quick to block the post and shut his account.

Musk has often stated that Twitter should be open to voice, provoking many to express concern that such tweets might be permitted under his management. The billionaire himself sounded the same when he said that he had merely expressed his concern to Ye, provoking one Stanford academic to express his displeasure.

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Evelyn Douek (@evelyndouek) on October 11, 2022

Others expressed interest in the Musks'' invitation to discuss their recent comments.

Musk''s purchase of Twitter is underway in principle, but I think many will class it as a done transaction until the paperwork is complete, and we may anticipate Twitter disagreements to continue the way it happened.

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